• A detailed explanation of the history and use of websocket


    1、 Warm up before reading What is keep alive 1. Keep alive is just a client recommendation Let’s open Baidu’s homepage and check the header further. As shown in the figure, we can see a line in the request header: Connection:keep-alive Keep alive is the notification server. After the HTTP request / response set is […]

  • HTTP/2 those things


    HTTP protocol is a very important part of all protocol clusters. With the continuous development of the Internet, HTTP protocol is constantly improving. After this evolution: http0.9 – > http1.0 – > HTTP1.1 – > http2.0. At the same time, as a member of IT industry, it is necessary to understand it. What is HTTP […]

  • New achievements: translation of my own English Introduction


    There is a long story in this book, and today it is the end of a dream. It has been two years since the book was reviewed, published in English and translated into Chinese. This is a memorable book. The English title of the book is learning Internet of things, and the Chinese title of […]

  • Network fundamentals related to http


    Network fundamentals related to http The development of HTTP HTTP, hypertext transfer protocol, was originally designed for knowledge sharing and was conceived by Dr. Tim Berners Lee.The first standard version of HTTP / 1.0 was released in May 1996.The second Standard Version, http / 1.1, was released in January 1997, which is also the most […]

  • Tsinghua big guy takes you to finish Mini Tomcat (with source code)


    Preface Tomcat, this 3-legged cat, has known each other since college. Until now, he often deals with it at work. This is a magical cat. Today, let me Abstract you and realize you! Write MyTomcat Tomcat is a very popular web server. It is also a container that meets the servlet specification. So think about […]

  • Front end basic collation – about HTTP protocol


    Preface HTTP protocol is the abbreviation of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, which is used to transfer hypertext from the world wide web server to the local browser. HTTP is based on TCP / IP protocol to transmit data (HTML files, picture files, query results, etc.). It does not involve packet transmission. It mainly specifies the […]

  • Introduction to wechat applet


    Wechat applet framework structure: At present, we find that the structure and characteristics of wechat applet framework are similar to those of the previous Vue, but how to communicate with the back-end server, how to establish the database and communicate with the database still need new exploration.Relevant interface of wechat applet network communication1. Wx.request initiates […]

  • Deep explanation of webpack and Browser Sync hot update principle


    This article first appeared on CSDN website, and the following version has been further revised.Original text: deep explanation of webback and Browser Sync hot update principle Hot update of development environment pages has long been the mainstream. We should not only sing songs in hot pot, enjoy the high efficiency of hot update, but also […]

  • Diagram HTTP notes


    Chapter I network foundation Three construction technologies of WWW: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) solves the representation of documents; HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) hypertext transfer protocol solves the transmission of documents; URL (Uniform Resource Locator) solves the problem of document location. Version http / 1.1 of the current HTTP protocol. TCP / IP is usually referred […]

  • Application of websocket in container management platform


    introduce Websocket is a persistent protocol, compared with the non persistent protocol such as HTTP. It realizes full duplex communication between browser and server, which can save server resources and bandwidth better and achieve the purpose of real-time communication. Like HTTP, it transmits data based on established TCP connection. But the difference with HTTP protocol […]

  • Centos6 Tengine enables http2 transmission protocol


    1. Preface Recently, we are optimizing the visiting speed of the website and opening http2 protocol for the website. What are the advantages of this protocol? As follows: Http2 is the next generation transport protocol, which will be widely used in the future, which is a trend. Http2 has the feature of multiplexing, which means […]

  • [Leetcode]192.word-frequency


    subject Word Frequency Write a bash script to calculate the frequency of each word in a text file words.txt. For simplicity sake, you may assume: words.txt contains only lowercase characters and space ‘ ‘ characters.Each word must consist of lowercase characters only.Words are separated by one or more whitespace characters.Example: Assume that words.txt has the […]