• Exploration of IOS a/b test scheme


    Forward article:Exploration of IOS a/b test scheme Introducer At the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, in an Internet company that makes travel products, the product manager frantically raised the demand for a/btest, so that the company’s program apes turned pale when talking about ab. the evil product manager made the program apes […]

  • Automatically add (modify) recent git submission records


    effect Implemented by golang codeAutomatically generate an active commit for a project in the last 100 days Source code github another Find Star This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this article

  • What is the Rosetta API developed by coinbase


    Rosetta API is a set of API protocols used to interface with blockchain software. Developed by American coinbase company. It is now supported by many blockchain projects. To put it simply, before the emergence of this set of protocols, each blockchain project used its own API interfaces, but the widely different interfaces implemented similar functions, […]

  • Asp.Net Core SignalR


    1.Asp.Net Core SignalR Websocket is based on TCP protocol and supports binary communication and duplex communication. Better performance and concurrency. Websocket is independent of the HTTP protocol. However, we generally deploy the websocket server to the web server, because the initial handshake can be completed with the help of the HTTP protocol (optional), and the […]

  • Laravel scheme scheduling


    Starting The Scheduler Here is the only Cron entry you need to add to your server: * * * * * php /path/to/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1 This Cron will call the Laravel command scheduler every minute. Then, Laravel evaluates your scheduled tasks and runs the tasks that are due. This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint […]

  • Tlsv1.3 support: support for tlsv1.3 by mainstream web clients and servers


    Please visit the original link:https://sysin.org/blog/tlsv1-…, view the latest version. Original works, please keep the source for reprint. Author: GC (at) sysin Org, home page:www.sysin.org Issued in August 2021Windows Server 2022Officially support quic and TLS 1.3 related features. So far, all mainstream products have supported tlsv1.3 protocol. TLS 1.3Officially released by IETF in august2018. 1. why […]

  • Protocol oriented general component programming


    Problems to be solved in previous projects: I The VC in the live broadcasting room has more than 20000 lines of code, and the decoupling problem; The existing problems are as follows: 1. all sub modules are held by VC in the form of attributes 2. after each sub module loads and processes the data, […]

  • IOS theme design


    IOS theme Idea of the first scheme: Business party: Add a listening topic change notification, and reset the topic in the notification method Subject manager business: Configuration of topics Send subject change notice Idea of the second scheme Business party: Configure color values and resources for each theme of your business Register the callback block/selector […]

  • Uncover the architecture of Uber API gateway


    In recent years, API gateway has become an indispensable part of microservice architecture. Therefore, a well structured API gateway is particularly important. This paper introduces the architecture design of Uber API gateway in detail for the readers. In recent years, API gateway has become an indispensable part of microservice architecture. The API gateway provides a […]

  • Microservice Gateway – nginx


    1 nginx download, installation and configuration 1.1 download path http://nginx.org/en/download.html 1.2 installation Unzip it and put it under a Lujin that does not contain Chinese 1.3 configuration Listen modify the startup port. The default is port 80. This test is 8999 Configure the product and order services as /api-product and /api-order For example: access the […]

  • Front end framework of 5 background management systems that must be collected


    share Front end framework of 5 background management systems that must be collected When you are developing a new project, how to quickly complete the construction of a project requires the help of some templates. Now all kinds of UI templates on the Internet are quite complete. This article introduces some front-end frameworks that are […]

  • Great Chrome browser (10): what are the most noteworthy changes in chrome in 2021?


    On September 2, 2008, Chrome browser was finally released. The two-year secret development was not in vain. Its debut is the peak:​ Multi process architecture is adopted to avoid the collapse of a tab leading to the collapse of the whole browser A new V8 engine is developed, which improves the execution speed of JavaScript […]