• Java-curl, a self used java crawler, has been opened to the public


    Tools and information QQ group – Javascript advanced crawler – author self built group, welcome to join! Awesome Java crawler – Crawler related tools and data collected by the author brief introduction The curl class is an HTTP tool class implemented by using the httpurlconnection of standard Java with the command-line tool curl as a […]

  • Golang HTTP reverse proxy reverse proxy nginx hardware fingerprint verification


    Original address: https://mojotv.cn/go/hardware-footprint-gui-proxy

  • Proxy design pattern


    Summary Before we start the text, let’s consider a question: what’s calledProxy?according toWikipediaDefinition: Proxy (English: proxy), also known as network proxy, is a special network service, which allows a network terminal (generally the client) to make indirect connection with another network terminal (generally the server) through this service. Some network devices such as gateway and […]

  • [go] go get auto agent


    Original link: https://blog.thinkeridea.com/201903/go/go_get_proxy.html Recently, it was found that many people in the technology exchange group were asking about the failure of go get wall outsourcing, and they gave many solutions: From GitHub’s code base clone Set the goproxy environment variable to configure the proxy, for example: goproxy = https://goproxy.io Configure command-line proxy, httpsproxy environment variable […]

  • JS event delegation


    Event delegation also has a name called Event Agent. In JavaScript advanced programming, event delegation is to use event bubbles to specify only one event handler to manage all events of a certain type.  

  • PXE installs windows system, pxe-e55: ProxyDhcp service did not reply to request on port 4011


    This pxe-e55“Error Representation PXEThe client has addressed port 4011Agent on DHCPThe server sends the request.No reply was received. It seems only in DHCPDHCP is set up on the serverClass identifier option #60,But there is no port 4011 on the same computer.Up-running agent DHCPWhen serving,Only then will this problem arise. If you operate DHCP on different […]

  • Reptiles (I) Anti-Reptilian Mechanism


    Reptiles will always be sealed up after they have been used for a long time. — Lu Xun   Some websites, especially some old ones, have not done anti-crawler mechanism. We can climb freely and happily and put their underwear on it. The data all crawled down. For emotional reasons at most, we crawl slowly […]

  • Reptiles (2) Establishment of proxy IP pool


    Before we said that a common method of anti crawler is to detect IP and limit access frequency. So we need to bypass this limitation by setting up proxy ip. There are many websites that offer free proxy ip, such as https://www.xicidaili.com/nt/. We can get a lot of proxy IP from the website. But not […]

  • Spring – Implementing AOP with Annotations (9)


    Annotations make the AOP code flow extremely simple, but we need to understand how they work. A few annotations can be added to our custom AOP implementation Note: To write notes to cut faces – > Aspect The entry point can be written directly on the enhancement with corresponding annotations. Add code identifying annotated automatic […]

  • Vue proxyTable Configuration Agent Solves Cross-domain Problem in Development Environment


    vue + webpackBuild project to solve cross-domain browser problem Browser homology policy is a protection mechanism for browsers. When browsers send cross-domain Ajax requests, it is not that requests cannot be sent out, requests can be sent out, and the background can return response data after receiving requests, but browsers do not receive response data […]

  • Deep analysis of Java Dynamic Static proxy principle source code


    text With regard to dynamic proxy in Java, we need to understand a common design pattern – proxy pattern. For proxy, according to the time point of creating proxy class, it can be divided into static proxy and dynamic proxy. Static proxy 1. Static proxy Static proxy: Programmers create or specific tools automatically generate source […]