• How to get private library by DEP instead of go get


    Preface Go get is used to dynamically obtain remote code packages. Currently, bitbucket, GitHub, Google Code and launchpad are supported. This command is actually divided into two steps: the first step is to download the source package, and the second step is to execute go install. The go tool of downloading the source package will […]

  • Resolution: the post request does not carry cookies; and the cookie pit


    cause Xiaoxu and his friends are determined to build a website. Xiaoxu is responsible for the front end and the back end. The domain name has been applied for and some interfaces have been completed. Xiao Xu is inThis machineDevelop with vuecli. Due to the cross domain existence of localhost and website, you need to […]

  • In depth analysis of spring 5 source code — use of AOP and AOP custom label


    We know that there are some disadvantages in OO programming. When we need to introduce the same common behavior for multiple objects without inheritance relationship, such as log, security detection, etc., we only need to introduce the common behavior in each object, so a lot of repetitive code will be generated in the program, so […]

  • IOS realizes analog positioning function


    Preface More and more functions in app depend on the actual location of users, such as providing recommended data based on user location and judging whether some functions are available based on location. However, Xcode does not provide user-defined simulation location function in development and debugging, so the main purpose of this paper is to […]

  • Learning all the way west in nginx


    Java great ape growth manual,GitHubJavaegg, n-line Internet development necessary skills weapon spectrum 1. About nginx 1.1 overview of nginx Nginx is a free, open-source, high-performance, lightweight HTTP and reverse proxy server, as well as an email (IMAP / POP3) proxy server, which is characterized by less memory and strong concurrency. Nginx is famous for its […]

  • The evolution of ant network agent


    On October 27, 2019, clapping cloud held the API gateway and high-performance service best practice open talk Hangzhou station together with Apache apinix community. Li Yuan, an ant financial services technical expert, shared the title “the evolution road of ant financial services network agent“. In this activity, technical experts from Alibaba, ant financial services, Apache […]

  • Deep understanding of generator function


    This article is translated from: dividing deep with ES6 generators Due to limited personal ability, mistakes and mistakes are inevitable in translation. Please correct the issue ES6 generators: Complete Series The Basics Of ES6 Generators Diving Deeper With ES6 Generators Going Async With ES6 Generators Getting Concurrent With ES6 Generators If you’re still not familiar […]

  • [phpselenium] 3. Timed crawler + multitask crawler + agent pool


    It is only used for communication and learning. It is prohibited to use this resource to engage in any activities in violation of the laws and regulations of the country (region). All activities shall comply with the network security law Tips: just to provide an idea, the availability of agent pool and other details need […]

  • Personal learning series – getting started with nginx


    Recently, I paid attention to the distributed Dubbo and spring cloud. Dubbo simply made a summary. Spring cloud has not yet carried out systematic learning, and I will write an article about it after a period of learning.The introduction of Baidu EncyclopediaNginx(engine x) is a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy web server, and also provides […]

  • [nginx bottom level learning] todo: the seven stages of four level reverse agent of stream


    Comparison of nginx’s HTTP seven layer reverse proxyAct on TCP and UDP protocols

  • Burpsuite grabs HTTPS packets


      BurpsuiteGrasphttpspackage Browser proxy settings     BurpsuiteProxy settings       start-upBurpsuite, browser access127.0.0.1:8080ClickCA CertificateDownloadcacert.derSecurity certificate file.                 Import certificate:InternetOptions, content, certificate, selectTrusted certification authority, import the certificate just downloaded. When selecting files, change the bottom right corner to all files. Next, select Yes.       […]

  • [daily doubt] proxy IP anonymity detection (docker)


    2019-07-25 proxy IP anonymity detection (docker) @Date : 2019-07-25, 13:08 @Author : lmingzhi ([email protected]) @Version : 1.0 [TOC] 1. Operation steps #Set up a directory for setting up files mkdir -p ~/nginx #Pre start the echo header docker container, local port 80 docker run -d –rm –name nginx_echo -p 80:8080 brndnmtthws/nginx-echo-headers #Copy the nginx settings […]