• Why does vue3.0 use proxy to implement responsive?


    Object.definePropertyOnly properties of the object can be hijacked, andProxyIs a direct proxy objectBecauseObject.definePropertyOnly properties can be hijacked, and each property of the object needs to be traversed. andProxyObjects can be proxied directly. Object.definePropertyYou need to manually add new attributesObserveAs a result ofObject.definePropertyHijacking is the property of the object, so when you add a new property, […]

  • The method of debugging node.js


    Start node application Starting with the — inspcet option, the node process starts listening to the debugger client / agent. By default, listen to, and each process has a unique UUID identifier. The options available are: option Effect –inspect (1) Start debugging agent; (2) listen to default address and port ( –inspect=[host:port] (1) Start […]

  • Microservices、ServiceMesh、Serverless


    Microservices: Split and isolate according to business unit, focus on single service, develop and deploy independently.Service discovery and complex equilibriumMicro service agent mode Traditional centralized agent F5 (4 layers), nginx (7 layers) Client embedded agent, discovery load logic, embedded application, need independent registry, service starts automatic registration discovery. Host independent process agent Service registrationService fuse […]

  • Deep understanding of various contexts in Android


    Preface There are many articles about Context on the Internet, such as: Android context fully parses, all kinds of details of context you don’t know What is Android context? But after a look, we found that there are still some points worth discussing, such as the equation: Number of contexts = number of services + […]

  • Apache set up reverse proxy to solve the cross domain problem of JS


    This is a very simple solution to the cross domain problem of JS by enabling Apache reverse proxy. In fact, there is a simpler way. If you use Chrome browser, you can install an extension program called allow control allow origin: * to solve cross domain problems directly! However, there is a problem with this […]

  • NVM, NRM and yarn


    nvm Node Version Management NVM list view all installed node versions NVM install version No. install the node of the specified version NVM use version number switches to the specified version number NVM proxy proxy address configuration proxy for download nrm(node registry manager) Download using Taobao’s cnpm image source: npm install –save express –registry=https://registry.npm.taobao.org First: […]

  • Jetson nano apt reports error unmet dependencies & Ubuntu terminal uses Socks5 agent


    error The following packages have unmet dependencies… Unable to correct problems, you have had the broken packages error occurs when using apt command to install or update Jetson nano and Ubuntu 18.04 after source change, no matter whether it is Tsinghua source, Keyuan or alicloud. Currently, there is no good solution, only the original backup […]

  • Spring spring AOP principle, handwritten spring transaction framework


    1、 Spring core knowledge Spring is an open source framework. Spring is a lightweight java development framework that emerged in 2003. It is derived from some concepts and prototypes that rod Johnson elaborated in his book expert one on one J2EE development and design. It is created to solve the complexity of enterprise application development. […]

  • HTTP protocol


    Http method Get gets a document from the server The head only gets the first part of a document from the server Put sends the data to be processed to the server Post stores the principal part of the request on the server Trace tracks messages that may be sent to the server through a […]

  • Tensorflow 2.0 intensive learning guide


    Abstract:Use deep reinforcement learning to show the powerful features of tensorflow 2.0! In this tutorial, I will solve the classic cartpole-v0 environment by implementing the advantage actor critical (A2C) agent, and demonstrate the upcoming tensorflow2.0 features through deep reinforcement learning (DRL). Although our goal is to show tensorflow2.0, I will try my best to make […]

  • Settings.xml for Maven learning


    settings.xml There are two possible places. The former is called global setting, and the latter is called user setting. If both files exist, their contents will be merged, with user specific settings.xml as the main content. Install Maven in ${Maven. Home} / conf / settings.xml User’s folder: ${user. Home} /. M2 / settings.xml Top element […]

  • Nginx project (1): reverse agent and configuration of nginx


    Absrtact: Based on the concept of nginx, this paper introduces one of the characteristics of nginx, namely, the concept, advantages and configuration code of reverse agent. Article source: Yixin Institute of Technology & Technical sharing of Yixin payment and settlement team phase I – details of nginx by Zhou Heng, senior technical manager of eight […]