• Remember to use FRP once to complete the whole process of penetration of intranet server


    Write on the front Because before intranet penetration has been usedngrok, usedngrokThe latest version of 1. X1.7.1, and1.7.1There is a serious memory leak, and 1. X is no longer under maintenance,ngrok 2.xIt is no longer open source, so consider changing an intranet penetration tool. 1、 Business scenarios EquipmentAs follows: One alicloud server (Windows Server 2012) […]

  • Proxy mode: lazy loading of third-party libraries such as ecarts in Vue


    1. Basic knowledge (1) Agency model Let’s start with a simple example. As shown in the code //Note: if you are running the program in node environment, please install node fetch // const fetch=require(‘node-fetch’) //Request data according to keyword function request(keyword=”){ return new Promise((resolve,reject)=>{ fetch(`http://example.com/data/${keyword}`) .then(response=> { resolve(response.json()) }) }) } //Main procedure async function […]

  • A cache based on Proxy


    Two years ago, I wrote a blog about business cachingFront end API request caching scheme, this blog has a good response, including how to cache data, promise and how to delete timeout (including how to build decorator). If you don’t know enough about this, you can read the blog to learn. But the previous code […]

  • Open source cross platform HTTP proxy server, remote debugging of the Swiss Army knife: zanproxy, highly recommended!


    Official introduction Zan proxy is an HTTP proxy server written in node.js, which can be used to modify the request address and simulate the response data. It is also a tool for custom DNS resolution and request monitoring. The proxy server has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. We also provide advanced plug-in […]

  • Windows uses profier global agent configuration is available; Configuring global proxy in Windows 10 with SOCKS 5


    Recently, we need to configure the global agent to walk Socks5 on windows. We found that the same type of solution has cow pcap and so on. We found that it is better to use the profiler by trying! Download:https://www.proxifier.com/download/legacy/ProxifierSetup331.exe  Registration: How to activate the key Jczbx-a3n3f-9dwy5-327v5-dkuxx (tested, available) LPZLA-FW4R4-NV52E-Q9RYW-PH3ZY User name customization Reference connection […]

  • Basic concept and installation of nginx


    1、 The basic concept of nginx 1. About nginx What is nginx Nginx (engine x) is a high performance HTTP and reverse proxy server, which is characterized by less memory occupation and strong concurrency. Some reports show that it can support up to 50000 concurrent connections 2. Reverse proxy Forward agency A forward proxy is […]

  • Those mirror websites you can use


    Some foreign websites are often hard to open or slow, so there are proxy image websites. Recommend several common image websites. You may be able to use them. Google Google image is a proxy to visit Google’s website, such as http://ac.scmor.com/ http://scholar.hedasudi.com/ Since Google was used, the search efficiency has been much faster. I suggest […]

  • Three proxy patterns in Java


    First: static proxy code implementation 1. Design interface public interface IUserDao { void save(); } 2. Implement the interface public class UserDao implements IUserDao { 3. Agency The interface must be implemented public class UserDaoProxy implements IUserDao { 4. Testing public class App { The second one is JDK dynamic proxy code implementation 1. Design […]

  • React high order components (3) high order components of inheritance mode


    High order component of inheritance mode If the passed in parameter component is wrappedcomponent, the returned component will inherit from the passed in parameter component if it is wrappedcomponent. The difference between agent mode and high-level component High level component of proxy mode High order component of inheritance mode As can be seen from the […]

  • Using SSH forward proxy and mongodump to realize remote scheduled backup of mongodb database


    Recently, nodejs, express and mongodb have been used to do some back-end projects. The amount of data is not very large. At the beginning, we chose to create a dump folder in the main directory in the database backup section. When the program starts, we start a scheduled task to mongodump the current database at […]

  • Take a little video on IOS


    demand The company’s mixed development, uni terminal shooting small video is not very ideal, in order to achieve the effect of imitation wechat, native plug-ins start thinking Step 1: one avcapturesession and one avcapturevideopreviewlayer Step 2: Video & audio recording requires the corresponding avcapturedeviceinput. Similarly, avcapturevideodataoutput and avcaptureaudiodataoutput Step 3: set output in the proxy […]

  • Analysis of key and difficult points of spring AOP


    Analysis of key and difficult points What is AOP, what problems are solved, and application scenarios? What is it? AOPAspect oriented programming can enhance the function of the code without changing the original code. What problems have been solved? AOP is mainly used to solve: without changing the original business logic, enhance the crosscutting logic […]