• NPM private warehouse nexus use


    Intranet private servers are often built inside the company to manage encapsulated tool plug-ins, and package caching of other sources, support network isolation, save broadband traffic, and so on. Installing nexus Official website downloadorDocker modeInstallation, nexus 3 currently supports the following types: Log in with the administrator account to configure the service configuration. Add NPM […]

  • Package MySQL workbench


      sudo apt-get install python3-rosdeprosdep where-defined ANTLR4sudo rosdep initrosdep update sudo apt install g++ libx11-dev swig antlr4 libantlr4-runtime-dev gtk+-3.0 gtkmm-3.0 libpython3.7-dev libpython2.7-dev libgdal-dev libssh-dev     https://blog.csdn.net/czsnooker/article/details/120058151  sudo rosdep init This may report an error:ERROR: cannot download default sources list from:https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ros/rosdistro/master/rosdep/sources.list.d/20-default.listWebsite may be down.Reason: the website is blocked and can be accessed through VPNresolvent:1. It […]

  • @Difference between component and @configuration


    At the first sight of this topic, I believe everyone will come up with an idea: aren’t these all spring annotations? The classes with these two annotations will be finally encapsulated into beandefinition and handed over to spring management. What’s the difference? First of all, let me show you a sample code:AnnotationBean.java import lombok.Data; import […]

  • Redis: error prompt in the redis scenario of envoy agent


    Redigo issue 579 reply.go sliceHelper does not handle Redis errors within the slice#579 1、 What is the problem In the scenario of using envoy agent redis, executeMGETAfter getting the data, there is a problem with one of the redis services. Envoy returned the following error promptupstream failure And what comes back after redigo is redigo: […]

  • An article deals with nginx reverse proxy and load balancing


    This article is transferred from: Le byte This article mainly explains: nginx reverse proxy and load balancing For more Java related information, you can follow the official account Le byte. Send: 999 agent To understand the reverse proxy, we must first know what is the forward proxy. To understand the forward proxy, we only need […]

  • Petite Vue source code analysis – interpret the reactivity of map and set of @vue-reactivity line by line


    In this article, we will continue to explorereactiveFunction middle pairMap/WeakMap/Set/WeakSetObject. Operation of map/weakmap/set/weakset Because weakmap and weakset are the versions of map and set that do not affect GC’s garbage collection, we only study map and set here. Properties and methods of set size: numberReturns the number of values in the set object for the […]

  • About nginx504 timeout solution


    Solution process: 1. After consulting the data, I think it may be that the nginx agent timed out. Add the set agent duration to the configuration file in nginx.conf or Vhost, and the result still doesn’t work:proxy_connect_timeout 300s;proxy_send_timeout 300s;proxy_read_timeout 300s;send_timeout 300s; 2. Finally, set the timeout configuration of fastcgi and restart nginxfastcgi_connect_timeout 300;fastcgi_send_timeout 300;fastcgi_read_timeout 300;Not […]

  • Proxy pattern of Java design pattern


    Transferred from: http://www.java265.com/JavaCourse/202204/2997.html In the following, the author will talk about the proxy pattern of Java design pattern, as shown below Introduction to agency mode We call the mode of invoking objects in an indirect way “proxy mode” Classification of agent mode The agency mode is divided into: Static proxy class Dynamic proxy class Static […]

  • Cloud computing Chapter 7


    Cloud infrastructure mechanisms The following cloud infrastructure mechanisms are described in this chapter:–Logical network perimeter–Virtual server virtual server–Cloud storage device–Cloud usage monitor–Resource replication–Ready made environment they should be viewed as core components that are common to cloud platforms. Logical network perimeter Defined as the isolation of ①a network environment from the rest of a communications […]

  • Static proxy mode – where is the time


    I am cicada Mufeng, a narrator who makes you addicted to technologyWechat official account [cicada Mufeng], welcome to follow and leave a message Where did the time go Under the operation of gyroscope, the cat food business of “code yard” has been booming. On this day, gyro found the program meow Zhaocai and said, “the […]

  • Wsl2 connects to the network proxy settings of the host windows program


    It’s painful for wsl2 to connect to the network proxy port set in the host computer windows. Preconditions PS C:\Users\overlord> wsl -l -v NAME STATE VERSION * Ubuntu-20.04 Running 2 Get the IP of host and WSL First, we need to get the dynamic IP of wsl2, and then it will dynamically assign a new […]

  • Static proxy mode


    Both the real object and the proxy object should implement the same interface, and the proxy object should represent the real role Benefits: Proxy objects can do many things that real objects cannot do Real objects can focus on doing their own things