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  • Danted / Socks5 agent service multi IP multi exit configuration


    Danted / Socks5 agent service multi IP multi exit configuration Reprint note source: link to blog from osnosn, written on March 1, 2020 The configuration file for danted is / etc / danted.confSee the description of external.rotation in man danted.conf. For example, you have three network ports, eth0, eth1, eth2 Let Dante listen to 1080 […]

  • Nginx project (1): reverse agent and configuration of nginx


    Absrtact: Based on the concept of nginx, this paper introduces one of the characteristics of nginx, namely, the concept, advantages and configuration code of reverse agent. Article source: Yixin Institute of Technology & Technical sharing of Yixin payment and settlement team phase I – details of nginx by Zhou Heng, senior technical manager of eight […]

  • The method of using express to proxy service


    Both nodejs and nginx can be used as reverse proxies to solve cross-domain problems. Local services const express = require(‘express’) const app = express() // If it’s in the front, the back / beginning will be intercepted. app.get(‘/’, (req, res) => res.send(‘Hello World!’)) App. use (express. static (‘public’); // static resources App.use (‘/dist’, express.static (path.join […]