• Implementation principle of MySQL transaction


    1. What is a business? databaseA transaction is the process of accessing and possibly operating a variety of servicesdata itemIt is an indivisible work unit that all operations are executed or not executed. A transaction consists of all database operations performed between the beginning and end of a transaction 2. Four characteristics of transaction (acid) […]

  • The secret of Greenplum distributed database kernel (Part 2)


    Click to view the secrets of Greenplum distributed database kernel (Part 1) 1. Distributed actuator Now that we have the distributed data storage mechanism, we have also generated the distributed query plan. The next step is how to execute the distributed plan in the cluster and finally return the result to the user. Related concepts […]

  • Interview was asked distributed transaction (2pc, 3pc, TCC), this explanation is OK!


    This article is included in personal blog: http://www.chengxy-nds.top Sharing of technological resources and common progress I still remember when I first started to write Java, the first project I contacted was a business system of State Grid, which was said to have invested 500 million yuan in R & D. in its heyday, the number […]

  • MySQL knowledge


    What is the difference between hash index and B + tree index? Due to the particularity of hash index structure, the retrieval efficiency is very high, and it can be located at one time.B + tree index needs to be accessed from root node to branch node and then to leaf node for many times. […]

  • All kinds of locks in MySQL


    Lock is a mechanism for computer to coordinate multiple processes or threads to access a resource concurrently. Lock ensures the consistency and effectiveness of data concurrent access; lock conflict is also an important factor affecting the performance of database concurrent access. Lock is the concurrency control of MySQL in server layer and storage engine layer.Locking […]

  • Meet SQL (3)


    SQL self study notes affair Basic introduction of 1.0 transaction     2.0 automatic and manual commit of transactions   Four characteristics of 3.0 transaction     4.0 transaction isolation level   DCL        

  • Redis – Chapter 6 – transactions


    catalog brief introduction Execution process characteristic case watch brief introduction Transaction, generally refers to what to do or what to do. In computer terminology, a program execution unit that accesses and possibly updates various data items in a database. Execution process Start transaction > command queue > execute transaction. characteristic ① Batch operation in sendingexecBefore […]

  • Open source distributed transaction solution based on combination of hard and soft


    author Zhang Liang, head of data research and development of Jingdong Digital Technology Co., Ltd., founder of Apache shardingsphere & PPMC He loves open source and currently leads open source projects shardingsphere (formerly sharding JDBC) and elastic job. He is good at Java based distributed architecture and cloud platform based on kubernetes and mesos. He […]

  • MySQL transaction isolation level


    preface In short, database transaction is to ensure that a set of data operations either all succeed or all fail. In mysql, transactions are implemented in the engine layer. The native MyISAM engine does not support transactions, which is one of the important reasons why InnoDB will replace it. Isolation and isolation level When multiple […]

  • First public: jdtx


    Nowadays, distributed database, cloud native database, newsql and other terms emerge one after another in the field of database, and changes in this relatively stable field are increasingly inevitable. Compared with complete innovation, incremental enhancement is more popular in industries with heavy precipitation. Like all solutions in the distributed field, the transparent data fragmentation scheme […]

  • Implementation of distributed transaction in sharding sphere


    Trainer Introduction Zhao Jun Jingdong Finance Senior Java Developer Years of Internet development experience, love open source technology, have a strong interest in distributed storage. Familiar with elasticsearch, HBase, presto, storm and other offline and real-time data processing At present, I am mainly responsible for the development of distributed transactions in the sharding sphere team […]