• Canvas drawing pie chart


    Draw a pie chart with HTML5 canvas. Let’s start!Step 1: set the width and height of the canvas const canvas = document.getElementById(“canvas”); const context = canvas.getContext(“2d”); //Sets the width and height of the canvas canvas.width = 831; canvas.height = 706; Step 2: transform the coordinate origin to the center of the canvas function translate(context) { […]

  • Chrome practical plug-in finishing


    FEHelper brief introduction This plug-in supportsChrome、Firefox、MS-EdgeBrowser, the internal tool set continues to increase. At present, it includes JSON automatic / manual formatting, JSON content comparison, code beautification and compression, information codec conversion, QR code generation and decoding, picture Base64 codec conversion, markdown, web oil monkey, web color finder, brain (XMIND) and other intimate tools. Even […]

  • A plug-in that makes your YouTube silky and supple


    YouTube and station B are two places where many people browse videos. At first, I liked youtube, not only because I could see something that others couldn’t see, but also because the experience was great. And now, I’m completely disappointed. Do you understand the pain of watching a ten minute video and being jumped out […]

  • Android developers complained that Google pushed its own toolkit firbase, and U.S. regulators intervened


    I have collected some learning materials, including a lot of learning, interview, middle and high-level fluuter materials, and a lot of video explanations. If any students want to know more, please see the end of the article for details. We also welcome all the great gods to install X. Some Android application developers recently said […]

  • Fluent realizes startup page, flash screen advertising page and guide page


    Open source components used in splashpage pages SharedPreferences tool class sputil Boot banner swiper Countdown tool class timeutilAn app usually has a splashpage page, which includes a startup page, a guide page (APP introduction), and a flash screen advertising page (click the advertising page to jump to the corresponding H5 page).To implement the guide page […]

  • At that time, my career as an architect was almost over, thanks to it


    This time I’ll talk about the base theory of distributed transactions to ensure that it is easy to understand. In order to read smoothly, please remember a few nouns before you start Base — basically available, soft state, eventually consistent2pc – two phase submission Don’t understand. Just remember. You’re responsible for remembering, I’m responsible for […]

  • How to realize CPS technology?


    preface Wechat search【Java3y】Pay attention to this man who has a dream, like attention is my biggest support! The text has been included in my GitHub:https://github.com/ZhongFuCheng3y/3y, more than 300 original articles, recently published inSerial interviews and projectsSeries! Today, I’d like to give you a popular knowledge of how to do “sub Commission”. This article is very […]

  • Close the hateful advertisement in the lower right corner of chrome – cn.compbs.com


    Close the hateful advertisement in the lower right corner of chrome – cn.compbs.com This is it. All of a sudden, it pops up several times a day. Some of them are still vulgar advertisements of hooligans. They are very annoying Google browser, open Settings > Privacy and security( chrome://settings/content/notifications ) Give him prohibit or delete, […]

  • Blog settings automatically block advertising scripts; One line of code makes blog Garden advertisement disappear;


    Previously used cases:https://www.cnblogs.com/xuyaowen/p/nav_bar_none.html  Inspired by the case, it is also convenient to block advertisements in the park; But stillBlocking advertising is not recommendedI feel that the blog Garden is OK, and the advertisement does not affect the reading; Console.log (“advertising blocking starts;”); document.all.ad_t2.style.display=’none’; document.all.under_post_kb.style.display=’none’; document.all.cnblogs_c1.style.display=’none’; document.all.cnblogs_c2.style.display=’none’; document.all.under_post_news.style.display=’none’; Console.log (“top title bar screening completed;”)< br> Keep […]

  • 47. Elastic search (search engine) uses Django to realize the automatic completion function of search


    【Baidu cloud search, search all kinds of information: http://www.lqkweb.com】 【Search the Internet disk for all kinds of information: http://www.swpan.cn】 Elasticsearch (search engine) provides automatic completion interface Official note:https://www.elastic.co/guide/… 1. Create the search auto complete field suggest Automatic completion requires a field with the name of suggestion and the type of completion So we need to […]

  • The basic use and method of ecarts


    Ecarts, an open source visualization library implemented by JavaScript, can run smoothly on PC and mobile devices, compatible with most of the current browsers (IE8 / 9 / 10 / 11, chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), and the underlying layer relies on vector graphics library  ZRenderTo provide intuitive, interactive and highly personalized data visualization chart. Chart […]

  • A small and large jssdk loading scheme


    background Jssdk is a JavaScript function library that completes some business functions in the front end. It is usually introduced into the business page after the development of the SDK developer. For example: <head> <script></script> </head> In some special scenarios (such as alliance advertising), we usually need to deliver a jssdk address to another team’s […]