• Air pods 3 will be mass produced in the third quarter of 2021, and the overall shipment volume of air pods will decline


    The third generation of airpods will start mass production by the third quarter of 2021, noted analyst Guo Mingxu said in a report. If mass production doesn’t start until the third quarter of 2021, it means that the airpods 3 won’t ship until the second half of this year. Guo said in November that the […]

  • Linux software installation method


    1、yum/rpm(*.rpm) Package manager: direct Yum / RPM installation. Advantages: full automatic installation, no need to worry about dependency problems, disadvantages are poor autonomy, software function, storage location is fixed, not easy to change. 2. Source code package * tar.gz ) There are some disadvantages in compile install. / configure; make; make install: you can customize […]

  • Composition of MRAM cache


    Reluctance random access memory(MRAM)It is a new type of memory, which has the advantages of fast reading speed, high integration and non-volatile. At present, many researches focus on the application of MRAM memory in computer storage system. Because of its many advantages, MRAM has the potential to replace SRAM and DRAM. MRAM memory constructed with […]

  • MySQL learning


    1. Throughput definition: the number of queries per unit time is exactly the reciprocal of our performance definition2. The minimum time granularity that MySQL can store is seconds (MariaDB supports second level time types)3. DataTime: independent of time zone, it uses 8 fields of storage space in the format ofInteger of yyyymmddhhmmss4. Timestamp: uses 4 […]

  • The front end uses node to crawl data


    Crawler needs, basically in each company will have, will inevitably fall on the head of front-end development. Today, let’s see how node crawls data. In fact, for the front-end to grab data, AJAX requests an interface, but the return value has a valuetext/html(early XML and the like),application/jsonThere are two kinds. Sometimes for some simple data […]

  • Vue.js Axios request in


    In order not to use jQuery in Vue projects, we use Axios. Because jQuery code is 1W + lines, and Vue’s project is 1W + lines. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency, we use Axios and minimize the use of jQuery Ajax. Axios has many advantages: 1. Send xmlhttprequests requests in browser 2. In […]

  • Classic three column layout front entry layout


    1. Float + margin (floating layout) <template> <div class=”container”> <div class=”left”>Left</div> <! — the right should be written in the middle — > <div class=”right”>Right</div> <div class=”main”>Main</div> </div> </template> <style scoped> html,body, .container { height: 100%; width: 100%; margin: 0; padding: 0; } /*Left floating*/ .left { float: left; height: 100%; width: 200px; background: #e056fd; […]

  • How to quickly “stand out” for new employees


    background At home over the weekend, Qin Chao, a geek time veteran, broadcast this topic live. After listening to it, I found it very useful. I also have a deep understanding. Today, while I still have an impression, I’d like to talk about this topic with you in combination with my own experience. Technology has […]

  • IOS — advantages and disadvantages of MVC and MVVM


    Advantages of MVC: 1. Ease of use: the smallest amount of code compared with other modes. Many people are familiar with it, so it’s easier to maintain even for less experienced developers. Disadvantages of MVC: 1. Poor testability 2. More and more bulky controller     Advantages of MVVM: 1. Easy to test 2. Easy […]

  • Phpstrom new FTP project and online operation management


    preface Phpstorm is a commercial PHP integrated development tool developed by JetBrains company. It contains all the functions of webstorm, and the front and back end are quite excellent. I believe that the students who have used it will know its powerful and convenient features. So here I will talk about its FTP and remote […]

  • Front end Q & A – how line breaks are output on the page


    In our work, we have the following ways to collect user input Input field, single line, overall style, plain text. Textarea input box, multi line, overall style, plain text. Contenteditable, multiline, independent style, rich text. Other rich text editors, multi line, independent style, rich text. If you don’t want to use such a heavy rich […]

  • CSS clear float, BFC


    BFC BFC: block level formatting contextBFC is an independent layout environment, in which the element layout is not affected by the outside world, and in a BFC, the block box and row box (row box is composed of all the inline elements in a row) are arranged vertically along the border of its parent element. […]