• Introduction to Django and project practice


    One. Introduction and advance of Django (1) Django MVT and Django Foundation (2) Django web development template (3) Orm of Django web development (4) Django model operation (5) Django web development cookie and session Two. Django actual combat To be updated

  • Thinkphp6 source analysis of analytical request


    Get request object Before we get to the point, we need to focus on the make method. Because people who have used it in the last version have begun to accept the concept of container. This new version enhances the function of container. The essence of creating a request object is the make method. Rather, […]

  • Laravel 7.6 released!!! PHP developers must see


    The laravel team released v7.6.0, which includes 13 new features and the latest fixes and changes to the 7. X branch: Add “until” method to collection Jason McCreary contributedCollection::until()  Method, which can iterate through the collection until the element meets the condition, and then return the element: // Before [$before, $after] = $primes->partition(function ($item) { […]

  • Golang builds a simple full text search engine from scratch


    Go advanced 47: building a full text search engine from scratch

  • Simple factory mode of PHP design pattern


    PHP simple factory The factory class of PHP simple factory mode generally uses static methods to return different object instances by receiving different parameters. That is to say, different objects are generated by passing parameters. Simple factory: ★Official PHP advanced learning exchange community “click”The management has sorted out some materials, bat and other first-line large […]

  • Redis – Chapter 1 – Guidance


    Redis special catalogue Basics brief introduction install and configure Basic knowledge data type thing Persistence Publish subscribe Application scenarios Advanced Dynamic string Linked list and node list Dictionary hash Intset and hashtable set skiplist-zSet

  • From another angle, it’s very good to understand JS inheritance in depth


    A young man came to me and asked me, “I’ve read the inheritance and prototype chain many times, but I still don’t understand.” I said, “if you have a son, you understand.” catalog preface What is prototype What is prototype chain Infrastructure Promotion Agency Advanced structure Official structure New operator END preface Recently, in the […]

  • It’s 2021. It’s time to install Ubuntu!


    This article starts with WeChat official account “Liu Wangshu”. This is the third part of batcoder. Batcoder is an extra part of Android advanced trilogy. It will expand and upgrade the content of Android advanced trilogy and share it with you in the form of video. As for why it’s called bat coder, it’s because […]

  • The factory method of PHP design pattern


    The PHP factory method provides a factory class for each product. Create different product instances through different factory instances. Compared with a simple factory, creating objects is no longer left to a class: split the simple factory, each product is implemented by a special simple factory, and each simple factory implements the factory interface class. […]

  • Spool 4.4 — support curl coroutinization


    stay4.4In previous versions,SwooleI never support itCURLIt can’t be used in codecurl. becausecurlUsedlibcurlLibrary implementation, can not be directly implementedhookitssocket,4.4Version usageSwoole\Coroutine\Http\ClientThe simulation is realizedcurlOfAPI, and replaced at the bottomcurl_initEquifunctionalC Handler。 Tips CURL HookDo not use it directly in the production environment File upload is not supportedCURL Multi Still need to rely oncurl, be sure to installcurlextend List […]

  • Comparison of php-fpm and spool core operating mechanism


    A few days ago, I saw several articles about spool. Today, I’ll join in the fun. Welcome to help me add, correct. PHP-FPM The early version of PHP did not have a built-in web server, but provided SAPI (Server API) for the third party to do docking. Now very popular PHP FPM is to deal […]

  • Three ways of PHP connecting MySQL database


    This article introduces three ways of PHP connecting to MySQL database (mysql, mysqli, PDO), and analyzes the related operation skills and precautions of PHP connecting to MySQL database based on MySQL, mysqli, PDO with examples. There is a certain reference value, friends in need can refer to it, I hope to help you. There are […]