• Mongodb primary series 1: users and permissions


    preface For databases, users and permissions are a very important part, because it involves security. What about mongodb users and permissions? explain Environmental description The version of mongodb used in this paper is 3.6, and the operating system is windows. Other instructions Limited to space, this article will not introduce the database from download to […]

  • Django + werobot realize automatic reply


    Django + werobot realize automatic reply As everyone knows, I have a WeChat official account, and then provide a function, that is, you write the key words, I reply to your key word corresponding to the content, so today I would like to talk about how this function is achieved. 1、 Install and configure Django […]

  • Program Xiaobai takes part in “learn rust, get raspberry pie for free”“


    Daily learning status: Because of lack of experience, I downloaded rust first, and then downloaded VMware player. and then download itUbuntuLater I found that I wanted to download trust in Ubuntu. there was an error downloading trustI searched Baidu and found itA blog. start to install curl, found that there are still various problems and […]

  • Remember a cache server migration history, heart plug!


    Write on the front I could have had a good rest after work, but I just lay down. At this time, the telephone rang. Hello. “Hey, glacier, are you asleep? My name is XXX. I have a problem. I want to migrate the cache server from CentOS to windows, and I want to use memcached. […]

  • Mongodb permission control (6)


    Overview of permissions The users in mongodb belong to the database. Each database has its own administrator. After the administrator logs in, he can only operate the database he belongs to. Note: generally, users created in the admin database are granted super administrator rights, and can operate any database after logging in. Create super administrator […]

  • Installation of Yapi project API management tool in Ubuntu


    Environmental description ubuntu npm Mongo Install NPM apt install npm Docker install Mongo //1. Run Mongo service, because it is a test, so the user name and password are not set docker run -d –name yapi-mongo -p 27017:27017 mongo //2. Enter Mongo service docker exec -it yapi-mongo bash //3. Enter Mongo interactive command environment mongo […]

  • Rapid deployment of blog based on alicloud lightweight application server


    brief introduction This tutorial introduces how to build and manage a website with WordPress as the mirror image on a lightweight application server. background knowledge Lightweight application serverLightweight application server is a new generation of computing services for stand-alone application scenarios. It provides services such as application one click deployment, one-stop domain name resolution, website […]

  • [react project installation problem] error gyp err! Find Python


    Description: error after NPM install: gyp err! Find Python reason: The computer does not have a python environment installed resolvent: Method 1: the administrator authority to open the CMD execution instructions npm install –global –production windows-build-tools Method 2: go to the official website of Python to download and install Official website of Python: https://www.python.org/downlo… last: […]

  • Linux: creating and deleting users under Linux


    1、 Create user To create users under Linux, the following commands are generally used: sudo useradd -m username amongsudoIt means to use the administrator’s authority to create a user, because only the administrator can have the authority to add users in his own system. Useradd means to add a user, the – M parameter means […]

  • Win10 open Hyper-V and simple use


    brief introduction Hyper-V is built into windows 10. Hyper-V provides hardware virtualization, and each virtual machine runs on the virtual hardware. system requirements Windows 10 enterprise, professional or educational. Home version, mobile version and mobile enterprise version cannot be used. 64 bit processor with second level address translation (slat). CPU supports VM monitor mode extension […]

  • How to use JSON field in MySQL


    In NoSQL database like mongodb, it is very natural for JSON to store data. Reasonable use of JSON in MySQL can bring great convenience Usage scenarios of JSON field When we read the examples in the laravel manual, we often see that$user->is_adminTo determine whether the user is an administrator, but in the user table, admin […]

  • User manual of perfdog Web terminal


    1. Home l Registered account number First, log in to the official website( https://perfdog.qq.com/ ), click the register button: In the registration box, fill in the account information: You need to confirm in the email before you can log in (take QQ email as an example) If you find that the button in the email […]