• Local use docker complex to build mongodb 3-node cluster [1 primary and 2 secondary, automatic switch between primary and standby, can be changed to real remote physical nodes]


    Local use docker complex to build mongodb 3-node cluster [1 primary and 2 secondary, automatic switch between primary and standby, can be changed to real remote physical nodes] Support: accessing the cluster in another docker complex app Support: accessing the cluster on the host Transaction function needs cluster Separation of reading and writing, disaster recovery […]

  • FISCO bcos blockchain learning materials


    FISCO-BCOS Resources Practical steps Deployment blockchain, instruction manual Contract development, instruction manual Application development scaffolding, project download and instruction manual Experience case Other, experience distributed identity, weidentity and experience Internet of things connector weevent system requirements to configure Minimum configuration Recommended configuration CPU 2-core 1.5GHz 4-core 2.4GHz Memory 2G 4GB bandwidth 1M 5M Java Java(TM) […]

  • Crackme024


    Reverse analysis of crackme024 1. Program observation The program interface is the same as 023. 2. Simple shell check Compiled in assembly language, no shell. 3. Program analysis Use the OD loader to search for strings. As you can see, the key code of the program is not far above Although there is little code, […]

  • Talk about the high availability of Flink jobmanager


    order This paper mainly studies the high availability of Flink job manager to configure flink-conf.yaml high-availability: zookeeper high-availability.zookeeper.quorum: zookeeper:2181 high-availability.zookeeper.path.root: /flink high-availability.cluster-id: /cluster_one # important: customize per cluster high-availability.storageDir: file:///share Optional values for high availability are none or zookeeper; high- availability.zookeeper.quorum Peers; high used to specify zookeeper- availability.zookeeper.path . root specifies the root node path […]

  • lab1 part one


    lab1 Start process BIOS(saved on ROM) from theboot sectorRead upbootloader(under boot folder) program code to memory 0x7c00 to 0x7dff Bootloader program consists of two files: boot / boot. S and boot / main. C. boot / boot. S is to switch processor from real mode to real mode (the switched process can be readIa32-3a section […]

  • Springboot2 integrates Nacos components, environment construction and introduction case details


    Source code: GitHub, click here, gitee, click here 1、 Introduction to Nacos Foundation 1. Concept introduction Nacos is a modern application architecture centered on “service”, such as micro service paradigm, cloud native paradigm and other service infrastructure. Focus on discovering, configuring, and managing microservices. Nacos provides a set of simple and easy-to-use feature sets to […]

  • An advanced IOS interview question (runtime direction)


        When it comes to IOS, it’s either a small company with 3 people and no interview. Others, I think it’s better for you to show off 18 kinds of martial arts, such as swords, guns, sticks and clubs. Among them, if there is ioser in the enemy’s camp, there is a great probability […]

  • Front end interview 3 + 1-day 206


    Today’s knowledge points (November 8, 2019) – day 206 (I also want to work out the questions) [HTML] what is the reason for the delay of 300 ms of mobile click? What is your solution? [CSS] if you set background color to an element, what areas will its color fill? [JS] what are the methods […]

  • Interpretation of new features | MySQL 8.0.19 supports DNS SRV


    Reproduced from the official account: play MySQLAuthor: Hong bin MySQL router is the access portal of InnoDB cluster architecture. In the architecture deployment, the official advice is to bind the router to the application side to avoid the router single point problem.Before that, there was a customer consultation about whether the router could not be […]

  • Build a free blog with comments based on GitHub issues + UMI (1)


    As a front-end brick dog who has worked for several years, it is necessary to build a blog of his own. One is to summarize his own development and learning experience, and the other is to share and record his own learning trajectory, which is of great benefits. Today I will introduce a new way […]

  • Master-slave replication of classic redis


    configure server    1), open redis.conf Modify the IP address specified by bind:    note: cross domain access is possible after changing its IP to                      3). Configure the IP address, port number and password of the host: Note: two slave computers need to be configured in this way. The host only needs […]

  • C + + sends get and post requests to flash


    engineering structure Project address https://git.ustclug.org/peter_ lee/cppSendPostAndGetToFlask Flask server side from flask import Flask , render_template,request app = Flask(__name__) @app.route(‘/’) def hello_world(): return render_template(‘index.html’) @app.route(‘/postdata’, methods=[‘POST’]) def postdata(): print request.form.get(‘key1’) return “ok” if __name__ == ‘__main__’: app.run() C + + client send outgetrequest QString url_str = “”; HttpRequestWorker worker; QObject::connect(&worker, SIGNAL(on_execution_finished(HttpRequestWorker*)), &w, SLOT(handle_result(HttpRequestWorker*))); worker.execute(&input); Server responseClient […]