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  • ASP.NET Progressive application of core blazer webassembly (PWA)


    Blazor supports progressive application development, or PWA. Using PWA mode can make web application have the experience of native application. What is PWA PWA applications refer to those web applications developed with specified technologies and standard patterns, which will give them the characteristics of web applications and native applications at the same time.For example, web […]

  • Answers of front end interview day: March 12, 2020


    Today’s knowledge points (March 11, 2020) 22. What are the kernel of the browser? 23. What is elegant degradation and progressive enhancement? 24. The difference between sessionstorage, localstorage and cookie 25. What is the array map() method 26. Simple understanding of promise 27. Steps to enter URL from browser address bar to display page 28. […]

  • Windows Apache and PHP installation


    Apache download address: https://www.apachehaus.com/cg…PHP download address: https://windows.php.net/downl… 1. Apache installation After downloading Apache, unzip it, use CMD to enter bin, and execute the command: httpd.ext -k install Install Apache for windows.After the installation is successful, you can see the following in the computer management serviceWhen the installation is successful, it will automatically try to start, […]

  • Solve the problem that win7 credentials disappear after restart


    After adding the windows credentials, they will disappear automatically after a period of time; when the windows credential manager restarts the computer, there will be no solution; if the windows credentials cannot save the password; if the win7 share checks to save the credentials, the solution will be invalid after restart. Operating system Windows 7 […]

  • PHP vulnerability [integer digital SQL injection]


    What is SQL injection SQL is an injection attack, which brings malicious SQL statements to the back-end database through the front-end.  0x02 SQL integer injection principle SQL injection usually occurs in the URL address of dynamic website, and it also occurs in other places, such as login box, etc. it may exist as long as […]

  • The Ajax form submitted and executed successfully, but the callback function was not executed, and the post changed to get


    Because of a moment’s negligence, I wrote the following when writing the form submission: title content Submit <br>$(“#addBtn”).click(function () {<br> $.ajax({<br> type:”POST”,<br> dataType:”json”,<br> url:”add”,<br> data: $(‘#addEssaysForm’).serialize(),<br> success: function (data) {<br> console.log (data);<br> alert( data.msg );<br> }, <br>Error: function (result) {< br > alert! “+result);<br> }<br> });<br>});<br><br> In this way, it is found that the callback […]

  • @A brief introduction to medux basic concepts


    Welcome to the @ medux tour. It is recommended that you read the following four articles in turn, which will take you about 30 minutes. Why do you need @ medux @Basic concepts of medux @Medux routing @Medux data stream Chapter 2: @ medux basic concepts –GitHub address— Eight new concepts and terms Suppose you […]

  • @Basic concepts of medux


    Welcome to the @medux tour. It is recommended that you read the following 4 articles in turn, which will take you about 30 minutes. Why do you need @ medux @Basic concepts of medux @Medux routing @Medux data stream Chapter 2: a brief introduction to the basic concepts of medux –GitHub address— Eight new concepts […]

  • Jump between controllers


    As shown in the figure below, create two controllers to test the jump effect. All of the following jump modes take these two controllers as examples. ♛ 1 sendredirect mode response.sendRedirect (“redirect: mapping path? Parameter name” + parameter value) “; ♛ 2 forward mode package com.demo.controller.Jump; import lombok.extern.slf4j.Slf4j; import org.springframework.stereotype.Controller; import org.springframework.web.bind.annotation.RequestMapping; /** * Created […]

  • Build PHP development environment in Ubuntu


    Of course, the first step of WordPress is to build a website based on PHP, so the first step is to build a web site based on WordPressStep 1: go to xampp website to download the installation package Step 2, move the installation package to home, open terminal in home, and enter:Chmod + X downloaded […]

  • “You in me” — windows subsystem for Linux


    1、 I wanted to set up a virtual machine in hyperv and learn shell. I found the function of “windows subsystem for Linux” by accident. So I searched the Internet about how to make fat four. It turned out that win10 added it. Now the virtual machine doesn’t need to be installed. I’m in a […]

  • Windows terminal configuration (qbit)


    preface The experimental environment of this paper Windows 10 2004 Windows Terminal 1.0 The configuration file for this article isC:\Users\qbit\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.WindowsTerminal_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\settings.json Current directory open Enter in the Explorer address barwtOpen in the current directory “profiles”: { “defaults”: { // Put settings here that you want to apply to all profiles. “startingDirectory”: “.” } } Configure SSH […]