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  • 【GO】go-swagger


    1. Installation install 2. Simple use main.go package main import ( “github.com/gin-gonic/gin” “swagger_study/handler” ) func main(){ var server *gin.Engine server =gin.Default() handler.InitHandlers(server) server.Run() } handler/api.go package handler import ( “github.com/gin-gonic/gin” ginSwagger “github.com/swaggo/gin-swagger” “github.com/swaggo/gin-swagger/swaggerFiles” “swagger_study/handler/test” _ “swagger_study/docs” ) // @title SwaggerTest Server // @version 0.1 // @description SwaggerTest Server // @in header // @license.name Apache 2.0 […]

  • React router (V6) notes at hand two


    I Change to your own unique address bar information In the address bar, we can often see the name of the company or the general content of the current page. In fact, we can also modify the path information in the address bar. It is very simple. In<Link>You can set it in the to attribute […]

  • Firefox cannot sync bookmarks after signing in


    After Firefox signed in, it was found that bookmarks could not be synchronized.Please follow the steps below.1. Enter about: config in the address bar and click below to receive the risk and continue.2. Search: identity fxaccounts. autoconfig. uriKey value filling:https://accounts.firefox.com.cn After modification, click synchronize to synchronize to bookmark. Note: you need to complete login before […]

  • How is the OCC API of the Spartacus product details page of SAP e-commerce cloud triggered


    When accessing the following URL,http://localhost:4200/powerto… We can see the following OCC API calls: https://<host>:9002/occ/v2/powertools-spa/cms/pages?pageType=ProductPage&code=3755211&lang=en&curr=USD The OCC API is CMS page connector. TS triggered. The connector must be called by effect. When calling, the pagecontext has been parsed. How is this product page of type resolved? Add print statement: Sure enough, it was called by page […]

  • How to get the pagecontext of the Spartacus product details page of SAP e-commerce cloud?


    Debugging entry: this routingService. getNextPageContext() This page context is directly read from the store and cannot be obtained by debugging the selector. We have learned before that when the angular router framework successfully matches the URL of the browser address bar to the routermodule used by the developer When the routes array passed in by […]

  • Laravel installation swagger


    1、 What is swaggerSwagger is a normative and complete framework for generating, describing, invoking and visualizing restful web services. 2、 Swagger installation composer require “darkaonline/l5-swagger” 3、 DispositionLaravel configuration after successful installationAdd in APP / providers / appserviceprovider $this->app->register(\L5Swagger\L5SwaggerServiceProvider::class); perhapsIn config / APP PHP add L5Swagger\L5SwaggerServiceProvider::class, In app \ http \ controllers \ controller PHP write […]

  • The chrome 91 version resolves cross domain requests for samesite


    Personal websitehttps://kuangyx.cn Before version 91 Address bar entry** chrome://flags **And enter Enter * * samesite by default cookies * * in the search field to search. There will be two settings Change to * * disabled * * and restart the browser The flag setting of version 91 has been removed. You need to modify […]

  • Front end mounting technique 108 (IV) – swing together


    Washing and practicing Sleepless in the middle of the night,Push the door to the courtyard,The lotus trees in the yard are ripe,A red fruit fell quietly,I cut a piece of moonlight to cover my heart. The insect sound in July is the three hundred Tang poems that blew up the line,The rules are broken,A tin […]

  • Analysis of angularjs $location html5mode


    About HTML5 history API reference material:http://diveintohtml5.info/history.htmlThe reference materials are in English, the content is relatively simple, and simple translation will be done at the weekend to facilitate children’s shoes struggling in English. Before H5, a URL corresponds to a page. No matter how you modify the address bar address, the page will be completely refreshed, […]

  • Urlparameter configuration principle of Spartacus UI of SAP e-commerce cloud


    A colleague asked me the following questions: When Spartacus is started locally, open localhost: 4200, redirect to base site by default, and the URL is automatically changed to:http://localhost:4200/electro… How to avoid displaying electronics spa / en / USD / after localhost: 4200? In the file projects \ storefrontapp \ SRC \ app \ Spartacus \ […]

  • The difference between $router and $route, the difference between route jump methods name and path and parameter transfer methods params and query


    1、 The difference between $router and $route$Router: it is a routing operation object and only writes objects$route: route information object, read-only object //$router operation route jump //String this.$router.push(‘home’) //Object this.$router.push({ path: ‘home’ }) //Named route this.$router.push({ name: ‘user’, params: { userId: 123 }}) //With query parameters, it becomes / register? plan=123 this.$router.push({ path: ‘register’, query: […]

  • JS often has regular expressions


    Vue limits that only 32-digit Chinese name, 11 digit mobile phone number and 6 digit verification code can be entered watch: { ‘bindForm.name'(val) { let pattern = /[^\u4e00-\u9fa5]+/ this.bindForm.name = val.replace(pattern, ”) if (val.length > 32) { this.bindForm.name = val.substring(0, 32) } this.checkIsComplete() }, ‘bindForm.phone'(val) { if (val.length > 11) { this.bindForm.phone = val.substring(0, 11) […]