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  • Spring boot integration how mybatis is deployed on Weblogic


    introduce Based on how to deploy spring boot gracefully on Weblogic, this paper uses spring boot to integrate mybatis and deploy it on WebLogic Server. environment Development tool: EclipseWeblogic version: Technical realization Create Maven project and add it to POM file <project xmlns=”http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0″ xmlns:xsi=”http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance” xsi:schemaLocation=”http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0 http://maven.apache.org/xsd/maven-4.0.0.xsd”> <modelVersion>4.0.0</modelVersion> <groupId>com.ws</groupId> <artifactId>weblogic-test</artifactId> <version>0.0.1-SNAPSHOT</version> <properties> <spring.boot.version>1.5.4.RELEASE</spring.boot.version> <project.build.sourceEncoding>UTF-8</project.build.sourceEncoding> </properties> […]

  • Solution to chrome prompt “your connection is not a private connection”


    In previous versions of chrome, after an SSL certificate error occurred, just click “advanced” – “continue to visit” to access the website normally. However, in the new version of chrome, chrome does not trust these self signed SSL certificates. For security reasons, this operation is directly removed to prohibit access. The solution is to use […]

  • Installation of anaconda and jupyter notebook for Ubuntu


    1、 Install Anaconda Download Anaconda of the corresponding version of Python 3 installed in Ubuntu from the official website. This installation is Python 3.5. Find Anaconda version of Anaconda 4.2.0 from the Internet. The following is the installation process: Download various versions on the official website:https://repo.anaconda.com/archive/ 1. Enter download path cd Downlads/ 2. Install Anaconda […]

  • Python utility, Python and pyqt5 development framework to realize simple browser


    development tool Python version: 3.5.4Related modules:Pyqt5 module (version 5.10) and some Python built-in modules. Main ideas Main functions:(1) Web pages can be displayed normally;(2) Set the navigation bar to realize the forward, backward, stop loading and refresh functions of the browser;(3) Set the address bar, which can update the URL of the current web page […]

  • How does nodejs code debug breakpoints?


    How does nodejs code debug breakpoints? As a server developer, it is the most basic ability to debug the code at breakpoints. Next, I will briefly introduce two debugging methods, one is dependent on the editor tool, the other is dependent on the Chrome browser (both methods are on the premise that nodejs is installed). […]

  • Network security and Prevention


    1. Importance With the development of the Internet, all kinds of web applications have become more and more complex to meet the needs of users, but there are all kinds of network security problems. Understanding the common forms of front-end attacks and protecting our website from attacks are essential skills for each of our excellent […]

  • How to switch search engines with one click on the browser


    1. Computer system Windows 10 professional edition2. You always need to use different search engines when looking for information. Except for the default search engine we set, you always have to manually enter it in the address bar when switching. It’s very troublesome. Let me share my solutions, hoping to help you.3. In fact, browsers […]

  • Sifu open source project promotion – rust search extension: quickly search for rust documents in the browser address bar


    Open source project name:Rust Search Extension Introduction to open source project:Quickly search for rust documents in the browser address barOpen source project type:teamProject creation time:2020 GitHub data:375 Star,18 ForkGitHub address:https://github.com/huhu/rust-search-extension Rust search extension is a plug-in that can quickly search for rust documents, Crites, built-in properties and error codes in the browser address bar. It […]

  • Configure QR code automatic generation tool in Chrome browser address bar


    Open Chrome browser Open a new window and enter in the address bar chrome://flags/ Search QR code Select enable from the drop-down box to restart the browser Click the web page address bar where the QR code needs to be generated, and the following icon will appear Click the small icon to generate QR code […]

  • The difference between chromium and CEF


    The difference between chromium and CEF Why are most browsers on the market based on chromium rather than CEF. The difference and relation between chromium and CEF Chrome is an open source browser project led by Google. A browser can be customized quickly and conveniently based on chrome, and most browsers at home and abroad […]

  • How to debug nodejs code with breakpoint?


    How can nodejs code debug breakpoints? As a server developer, breakpoint debugging of code is the most basic ability. Next, I will briefly introduce two debugging methods, one is relying on editor tools, the other is relying on Chrome browser (both methods are under the premise of installing nodejs). 1、 Using the vscode editor Open […]

  • Windows 10 open CMD here


    Statement: the following is my personal understanding. If you find any mistakes or questions, you can contact me for discussion In Windows 10, we often need to open the CMD window in a certain folder. Although we can open it by inputting CMD in the address bar, it is still troublesome. We can modify the […]