• "MySQL" series – how is the select query executed?


    As a relational database, mysql should be the most widely used in China. Maybe your company uses Oracle, Pg, etc., but most Internet companies, such as our company, use Mysql the most, and the importance is self-evident. The thing is like this, one day my little fat asked me to executeselect * from table, What […]

  • Still using Jenkins? Try gitlab’s ci/cd function


    Previously, Jenkins was generally needed to realize automatic packaging and deployment. However, now gitlab’s ci/cd function can also be deployed automatically, and the operation is simpler. If you are also using gitlab as a git repository, you might as well try its ci/cd function. 1、 Installation To realize automatic deployment through gitlab’s ci/cd function, we […]

  • Technical analysis | talking about how SQL statements are executed in the system under MySQL system and the problems that may be encountered


    Welcome to the MySQL technical articles shared by the greatsql community. If you have any questions or want to learn, you can leave a message in the comment area below, and you will answer it after you see it SQL statements are not unfamiliar to us, but to some extent, we just know what the […]

  • MySQL query SQL execution process


    sketch Generally speaking, MySQL can be divided into server layer and storage engine layer. The server layer includes connectors, query caches, analyzers, optimizers, executors, etc., covering most of the core service functions of MySQL, as well as all built-in functions (such as date, time functions, etc.), and all functions across storage engines are implemented in […]

  • Spring boot actuator custom health check tutorial


    Health check is one of the important endpoints in spring boot actuator. It is very easy to view the running status of applications. This article introduces how to customize health check based on the previous article. 1. general In this section, we briefly describe the dependency and enabling configurations, and show the default health information. […]

  • Solutions for failing health check of springboot actuator


    Springboot actuator health check failed Today, I encountered a service that registered successfully but failed the health check. When I access the URL of the health check through the browser, the chrome network always displays pending, indicating that the request was submitted but could not be returned, so it was stuck. Originally, I thought that […]

  • Integration of high performance ten million level timed task management service forsun extension development


    Forsun is a high-performance and high-precision timing service, which can easily manage tens of millions of timing tasks.Project address:https://github.com/snower/forsunOr lookHigh performance ten million level timed task management service forsun usage details Forsun built-in supports shell, HTTP, redis, thrift, beanstalk and MYSQL to trigger callback executors at the appointed time. However, in many cases, its own […]

  • Actuator of mybatis


    In this article, let’s talk about the executors of mybatis, and see how to use different executors in different scenarios and the implementation principle of different executors (based on mybatis 3.4.6). Knowledge points What is an actuator Mybatis actuator type and when to use it Implementation principle of each actuator What is an actuator As […]

  • Distributed scheduled task scheduling center


    1. Current situation 1.1 technical selection At present, the timed task scheduling center adopts XXL job framework, which provides RPC, task management, task execution, task log, running status and other functions, and the internal implementation adopts quartz. Current version: <groupId>com.xuxueli</groupId> <artifactId>xxl-job</artifactId> <version>2.3.0</version> 1.2 operation process 1.2.1 actuator management Create actuator Actuator toAppNameIt is a unique […]

  • Caching mechanism of mybatis


    This article will talk about the caching mechanism of mybatis, which is based on version 3.4.6. Knowledge points What is caching Mybatis cache Cache implementation mechanism What is caching I believe anyone who has studied programming knows the concept of cache, which is mainly aimed at access efficiency. If our program consumes resources from disk […]

  • One of the source code analysis of microservice framework servicecomb is used by vertx


    1. Vertx use Servicecomb is built based on vertx. When the consumer sends a request to the provider, it is finally sent out through the EventLoop thread of vertx. The last built-in handler of consumer: transportclienthandler, which is responsible for preprocessing before sending, sending requests, preprocessing after receiving responses, and processing response results. Sending depends […]

  • Analysis of mybatis source code


    Mybatis XML parsing process Common methods of XML parsing: DOM, sax, XPath, when used by mybatisXpath, because it’s simple enough. Corresponding code: String resource=”mybatis-config.xml”; InputStream inputStream = Resources.getResourceAsStream(resource); SqlSessionFactory sqlSessionFactory = new SqlSessionFactoryBuilder().build(inputStream); Execution process:1. Execute build in sqlsessionfactorybuilder //The following three methods call the 8th method below public SqlSessionFactory build(InputStream inputStream) { return build(inputStream, […]