• The pageable object of spring data JPA is used to paginate the queried list


    Pageable object The pageable object of spring data JPA can be used to query and paginate the database. This implementation has been introduced by many blogs and will not be listed any more. Please refer to the link: https://www.tianmaying.com/tu… Etc. However, there is a case that pageable can’t paginate the list results of the queried […]

  • How to deal with continuous range problem in MySQL


    1. Practical problems The continuous range problem is also a very classic SQL programming problem, which is often used in the actual development. There are many methods to deal with it, but the digital auxiliary table and grouping are generally used. Here are some examples: create table t(a int unsigned not null primary key); insert […]

  • Nest Tutorial Series: inferring Index Names


    Nest Tutorial Series: three ways to infer Index Names catalog Nest Tutorial Series: three ways to infer Index Names Set default index on connection Set. Net class mapping index name Specify the index name explicitly when creating the request summary Set default index on connection structureConnectionSettingsCall theDefaultIndex()Method to specify the default index name. The default […]

  • ThinkPHP realizes dynamic loading of custom facade class


    First look at the examples in the manual <?php namespace app\facade; use think\Facade; class Test extends Facade { protected static function getFacadeClass() { return ‘app\common\Test’; } } The getfaceclass method is used to specify the actual execution class of the facade class mapping. Can a custom facade class be specified dynamically? The answer is yes. […]

  • Technology sharing | MySQL C API parameter MySQL_ OPT_ READ_ Some behavior analysis of timeout


    Author: Dai Yuebing MYSQL_ OPT_ READ_ Timeout is a parameter used to set the read timeout in MySQL C API client. In the official MySQL document, this parameter is described as follows: MYSQL_OPT_READ_TIMEOUT (argument type: unsigned int *) The timeout in seconds for each attempt to read from the server. There are retries if necessary, […]

  • Reexamination of story points


    I’ve always said that I might have invented story points, and if so, now I’m sorry. Let’s explore what I think about story points now. At least one person is interested in what I think. — Ron Jeffries Of course, stories are about extreme programming, not scrum. For some reason, Scrum practitioners accepted the idea. […]

  • Browser resolves relative and absolute path


    Record growth: no small steps, no thousands of miles, no small stream, no river and sea! Trigger thinking A few days ago, due to carelessness, when writing the relative path of the request, one was missing at the top/As a result, the request path did not get the corresponding expectation, so I decided to study […]

  • My go service docker deployment template


    About docker There are a lot of introductions about docker on the Internet. I won’t copy and paste it. You can find it by yourself. Why docker? Generally speaking, it is to ensure that the development is consistent with the online environment, and that the machine is clean and will not be installed with a […]

  • Why do I no longer recommend rxjava


    This article is transferred from the author: W_ Binarytree link: juejin.im/post/5cd04b6e51882540e53fdfa2 In case of infringement, it can be deleted It has been some time since the last update. In fact, I wanted to write this article for a long time, because I didn’t have time to summarize. So there has been no writing. To summarize […]

  • [turn]: built in variables and native shell script running


    Xmake in xmake.lua Provides$(varname)To support the acquisition of built-in variables, for example: add_cxflags(“-I$(buildir)”) It will be built-in when it is actually compiledbuildirVariable to the actual build output directory:-I./build In addition, these variables can also be supported in custom scripts, such as: target(“test”) after_build(target) print(“build ok for $(plat)!”) end After compiling, this will output: build ok […]

  • Spring boot modifies the date format passed in by mybatis


    In the springboot project, the timestamp type variable is used to correspond to the column in the timestamp format of mybatis The time displayed in the database is normal, but the actual time format obtained by spring boot is similar to:”time”: “2019-12-31T16:10:00.000+0000″The front end needs to use the standard display format, such as”2019-12-31 16:10:00”. It’s easier […]

  • This paper understands the evaluation indicators of classification model: accuracy, accuracy, recall, F1, ROC curve, AUC curve


    Machine learning models need quantitative evaluation indicators to evaluate which models are better. This paper will explain the confusion matrix of classification problems and the calculation formula of various evaluation indexes in an easy to understand way. The evaluation indicators to be introduced to you are: accuracy, accuracy, recall, F1, ROC curve, AUC curve. Evaluation […]