• Intelligent maze strategy iterative algorithm for reinforcement learning


    0x00 fundamentals of machine learning Machine learning can be divided into three categories Supervised learning Unsupervised learning Reinforcement learning Key points of three learning categories Supervised learning requires setting parameters manually, setting labels, and then assigning data sets to different labels. Unsupervised learning also needs to set parameters to group unlabeled data sets. Reinforcement learning […]

  • Intelligent maze value iterative algorithm for the introduction of reinforcement learning


    0x01 basic concept of value iteration algorithm 0x01. 1 reward To realize the value iteration, first define the value. In the maze task, you will be rewarded for reaching the goal. The reward RT given at a specific time t is called immediate reward The sum of future rewards GT is called the total reward […]

  • Redux concept 2: three principles of Redux


    There are many tough rules and designs in Redux, most of which are related to FP (functional programming) and improving the original flux architecture design. The three basic principles in the documents on the official website of Redux are mainly because they may be afraid that beginners do not understand some restrictions or designs in […]

  • Redux concept 3: action and action Creator


    These two are participating members in the flux architecture. Redux describes the definition of action: Actions are information loads sent from your application to the store You may always see it here in actionpayloadThis word, it isloadorValid dataYou can have a look at the explanation of the meaning of this word. It’s not difficult to […]

  • Tpextbuilder – hasbuilder (encapsulating page)


    Series articles: Background development framework based on (tp5.1, tp6.0) (design ideas refer to laravel admin) Tpextbuilder – hasbuilder (encapsulating page) Tpextbuilder – form Tpextbuilder – Search Tpextbuilder – table Tpextbuilder – selectpage drop-down data Tpextbuilder – left tree navigation Tpextbuilder – displays [component] – field Tpextbuilder – displays [component] – when form linkage Tpextbuilder – […]

  • Easy rules, the rule engine of Java


    1. Easy rules overview Easy rules is a Java rule engine, inspired by an article entitled “should I use a rules engine?” Rule engine is to provide an optional calculation model. Different from the usual imperative model (composed of commands with conditions and loops in turn), the rule engine is based on the production rule […]

  • Simple use of Redux and react Redux


    A simple case of using Redux in react project Scaffold create react app 1. Install Redux npm install redux –save 2. Redux store directory file allocation –Action.js action –Reducers compute property collection folder –Index.js calculation module exit –User.js calculation module 1 –Test.js calculation module 2 –Store.js store exit of Redux –Type.js action action name type […]

  • Linux awk command details


    Awk is another powerful data processing tool in Linux system besides sed command. The following Liangxu Xiaobian will be from several aspectsLinux awkThe order is explained in detail. I hope it will be helpful to you. Similar to the SED command, the awk command also scans the file line by line (from the first line […]

  • Old man, this code, look kneeling!


    This is why’s 99th original article Hello, I’m brother why. No, this photo is not me. The title says that the old man is this buddy. It had to be mentioned a few days ago. A few days ago, I found that in a technology group gathered by big guys, big guys had a heated […]

  • Use workflow to display free Wi Fi nearby


    Thanks to the get content of URL action updated by workflow since version 1.5.3, the potential of the app has been greatly improved. This article shares an interesting usage to search for nearby free Wi Fi and choose one to display on the system map. brief introduction This workflow is mainly divided into three parts, […]

  • How to more gracefully implement the retry logic of failed tasks in. Net / C # program development?


    background In. Net, an exception means that a member does not complete the action that its name claims can be completed. In the mechanism of exception, the exception has nothing to do with the frequency of something. Sometimes it is necessary to retry some failed tasks many times. If the number of retries reaches the […]

  • Ml agents project practice (I)


    This article was first published in:Walker AI Reinforcement learning is a kind of problem in machine learning and artificial intelligence. It studies how to achieve a specific goal through a series of sequential decisions. It is a kind of algorithm, which enables the computer to realize that it doesn’t understand anything from the beginning and […]