• The use of vernacular vuex!


    1. Tell you a story I remember the pain of learning react’s state management redux. I wish I could give up react. Before, some people always said Vue was simple and vuex’s global state management was difficult. In my opinion, the official website said too much, so that some people didn’t use it right, some […]

  • Recommend the latest achievements of transformer! Learn to Dance with AIST++: Music Conditioned 3D Dance Generation!


    Thesis:Learn to Dance with AIST++: Music Conditioned 3D Dance Generation Dataset:https://google.github.io/aistplusplus_dataset/ A transformer based learning framework is proposed for music based 3D dance generation. A new network framework is designed, and the key to obtain high-quality results is verified. One of the components is the deep cross model transformer, which can well learn the correlation […]

  • Anti shake and throttling (jQuery)


    Throttling will be triggered continuously, but it will be executed every other period of time, while anti chattering is triggered only at the last time, which is also the last time within the execution interval. 1. Anti shake Write actions intotimerIn, the trigger time is limited. If the action is triggered continuously within the time […]

  • Opening the way of deep reinforcement learning: introduction and code examples of deep q-networks


    Reinforcement learning is a hot sub item in the field of machine learning. Due to the latest breakthroughs of companies such as openai and alphago, reinforcement learning has attracted the attention of many people in the game industry. Today, we introduce the whole concept of dqn with the classic game of hill climb racing. Hill […]

  • Event driven hotstuff protocol


    Introduction to hotstuff Hotstuff is a BFT consensus agreement: Basic HotStuff ->Chained hotstuff // pipeline improves throughput ->Event driven hotstuff // safety and liveness are decoupled for simpler implementation A proposal proposed by the leader in basic hotstuff can only be submitted for execution at the following stages:Prepare -> PreCommit -> Commit -> Decide, the […]

  • ZABBIX auto discovery, port URL detection


    1、 Auto discovery 1. Turn on automatic discovery Configure auto discovery Modify automatically discovered network segments Enable autodiscover 2. Configure automatic discovery actions Configure autodiscover actions Add the IP address of the action Add autodiscover action Enable action 3. Inspection image.png 2、 Automatic registration 1. Modify agent configuration #All agent machines need to modify the […]

  • Electron


    Only one instance is allowed // Only one instance can run at a time if (!app.requestSingleInstanceLock()) { process.exit(0); } Statistical analysis module Setup menu MenuItem Roles roleThe values of can be the following: undo about redo cut copy paste pasteAndMatchStyle selectAll delete minimizeMinimize the current window closeClose current window quitExit program reloadReload current window forceReloadReload […]

  • Application of motion capture in Sports Science


    The research results of sports science, rehabilitation / sports medicine, sports training, physical education, mechanical engineering, psychology, ergonomics and other related disciplines have been continuously deepened and developed in recent years. In the field of sports science, it is very important to fully understand the way of human motion and obtain accurate motion data. Introduction […]

  • Design pattern learning 23 (Java implementation) — state pattern


    Write in front Take notes of learning design patterns Improve the flexible use of design patterns Learning address https://www.bilibili.com/vide… https://www.bilibili.com/vide… Reference articles http://c.biancheng.net/view/1… Project source codehttps://gitee.com/zhuang-kang/DesignPattern 25. Status mode 25.1 definition and characteristics of state mode Definition of state mode:For stateful objects, the complex “judgment logic” is extracted into different state objects, allowing the state […]

  • Basic solving methods of reinforcement learning (2)


    brief introduction Time difference method is mainly based on the difference data of time series. It can be divided into fixed strategy and non fixed strategy. The fixed strategy time difference method is represented by sarsa algorithm; The non fixed strategy is represented by Q-learning algorithm. Sarsa algorithm The purpose of sarsa (state action reward […]

  • Motion capture system for imitation learning


    In recent years, with the continuous development of robot research, more and more functions need to be realized by the robot, and the corresponding behavior is becoming more and more complex. Simple motion control can not meet the needs, especially for some tasks that are not easy to obtain the motion law, the traditional control […]

  • Redux、Flux、Vuex


    preface This article will not use specific code to elaborateredux、fluxperhapsvuex, because I think what they bring is a kind of programming thought. Front end evolution and framework evolution A long time ago, there was no front endMVVMThe concept of,MVVMYesMVCDetailed statement (I think there is little difference between the two),MVCThe mode of has been used in […]