• The specific instance of displaying ArrayList to JSP page in action


    1、 The ArrayList object obtained from the useraction is filled into the userform, and the JSP page obtains the initial value of the userform.Part of the code of useraction: Copy codeThe code is as follows: private ActionForward executeManageAction(ActionMapping mapping, ActionForm form,   HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) {  UserForm userForm = (UserForm)form;  ArrayList userlist = new ArrayList();  […]

  • Interesting reading: a milestone in artificial intelligence? Review of dqn published in nature in 2015


    Introduction:How long has it been since you read an academic paper? Most of the high-level papers are in English. The author translated a deep reinforcement learning paper of Google’s deepmind in 2013, which is regarded asReinforcement learning + deep learningIts achievements were published in top academic journals in 2015NatureIt’s on. The content of this article […]

  • Lost 14 Jin!


    Hello, I’m Liang Xu. Today is the weekend, let’s have a hydrological article. If you want to read the technical article, please move to the next article and the third article. Some friends who pay attention to my circle of friends should know that recently I went to fitness, and now it has been 2 […]

  • Redesign Redux


    Redux is hard to learn? Is it tedious to write code?Let’s take a look at rematch’s thinking and simplification of redux~ Original text: redesigning Redux, Shawn McKay After all these years, shouldn’t the problem of state management be solved long ago?Intuitively, developers seem to recognize the unspoken rule that state management issues seem to be […]

  • Redux


    Redux learning technological process Store distribution (dispatch) > action (type indicates the action to be performed) > pure function of reducer, which accepts the previous state and action and returns the new state (switch)( action.type )Case performs different operations according to the type type, thus changing the state) action cart-actions.js export const ADD_TO_CART = ‘ADD_TO_CART’; […]

  • Flyter learning notes (40) — timer realizes 60s countdown of SMS verification code acquisition


    If you want to reprint, please indicate the source:Flyter learning notes (40) — timer realizes 60s countdown of SMS verification code acquisition First look at the effect: Two demand scenarios: 1. Jump to the front page after 3S 2. SMS verification code 60s countdown In the first case, according to the demand, we can know […]

  • Cheated 73% of the respondents! AI synthesis movie effect sound, no need to edit automatically with the picture


    Technical editor: mango fruit from the editorial departmentSegmentFault has he reported the official account number: SegmentFault Imagine watching a horror movie: the heroine walks through the dark basement with great vigilance, the classic music of suspense plays in the background, and some invisible sinister creatures wriggle in the shadows bang! It hit an object. Most […]

  • The basic iterative method of reinforcement learning


    By Nathan LambertCompile | VKSource: toward Data Science Research value iteration and strategy iteration. This paper focuses on the understanding of basic MDP and its application to the basic reinforcement learning methods. The methods I will focus on are value iteration and strategy iteration. These two methods are the basis of Q-value iteration, which directly […]

  • Action and onsubmit examples of form


    First, action is an attribute of the form. HTML5 has defined it as a required attribute value, and onsubmit is an event, which can be verified by a function when submitting the < input type = “submit” /).. Second: in terms of the order of execution, I understand that onsubmit comes first and verifies first. […]

  • Best practice project for Python beginners


    Author: XiaoyuThe official account of WeChat:Python Data ScienceZhihu:Python Data Analyst Many friends have asked me if there is any good project to practice after learning python. In fact, the project is mainly based on the needs. But for a beginner, many complex projects can not be completed independently, so the blogger selected a project that […]

  • Understanding and implementing promise from the perspective of state machine


    The content of this article is mainly from a stack overflow high vote answer Statement: the realization of this promise is only to deepen my understanding of it. It is different from the a + specification. However, it is the most beautiful and clear thinking of all promise codes.The article will not specially help readers […]

  • Unity live2d realizes the movement of characters in GALGAME with mouse click


    The character model is downloaded from live2d. I can’t draw such a lovely quadratic element. Live2d has its own encapsulation method for mouse monitoring (see object l2dtargetpoint). The mouse will feedback the influence degree of a mouse in the drag management coordinate system of live2d, which can be regarded as a proportional value between – […]