• Hidden swagger part web API interface


    background Swagger is the most popular document generation tool for rest APIs, and it is also an online testing tool for APIs. Powerful, who knows who uses it. I don’t have to promote it here. The problem to be solved today is: if some specific API interfaces are not displayed in swagger, that is, filter […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (53): who


    Recommended yesterday: [](http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__b…Learn a Linux command every day (52): where is Command introduction The who command is used to display the user information currently logged in to the system. The who command is used to display the information of all users currently logged in to the system. You can view the information of those users […]

  • Introduction to canal components and vivo account practice


    With the development of Internet applications, the volume of some single table data is becoming larger and larger. Considering the service performance and stability, there is a need for database and table separation and data migration. This paper introduces the practice of vivo account to meet the above requirements. 1、 Foreword Canal is an open […]

  • Linux server essential security settings, recommended collection!


    I finally bought the server. If it is hacked by hackers because of my negligence, it is really too bad! Here are some simple ways to improve the security factor of the server. My ECS is configured like this. Although it is a little troublesome, I feel relieved. Modify SSH login configuration Open SSH configuration […]

  • Cool cloud classroom (Tencent cloud version) v1.2.4 released


    increase Add upload logo and favicon icon in background Adding official account custom menu configuration Add consultation to the course page optimization The state parameter in OAuth is security Base64 plus decoding Throw an exception when the findbyid parameter type is not correct Adding index to task table to speed up data searching Markdown content […]

  • Learning notes of Huawei account service (1): what is HMS and Huawei account service


    In the past two years, due to the U.S. pressure on Huawei, Google’s GMS has banned the use of Huawei’s mobile phones. As a result, the sales volume of Huawei’s mobile phones in Europe has dropped to a freezing point, and Huawei is not willing to be outdone. With the help of the whole company, […]

  • Notes on Huawei account service (2): detailed explanation of oauth2.0 protocol


    In the last article “Huawei account service learning notes (1): what is HMS and what is Huawei account service”, we have sorted out the use scenarios and advantages of Huawei account service. Next, I will take you to further understand some basic knowledge, access methods, efficiency improvement tools, etc. involved in Huawei account service. If […]

  • Top 10 chrome plug ins


    (1) Web front end assistant(FeHelper) Fehelper is the artifact of front-end developers. It is a small plug-in of front-end tools developed by Chinese people. The plug-in has complete functions and basically covers all kinds of tools that front-end practitioners often useBasic functionsIt’s easy to use. Let’s feel the powerful functions: Fe supports on-demand installation. That […]

  • 15 minutes to build an elegant code warehouse like GitHub


    As an old driver, how can he not have his own private code warehouse? preface GitHub is familiar to everyone. In addition to open source projects, sometimes people will transfer their own or team or company projects to GitHub’s private warehouse and treat GitHub as their own private git server. However, there are some problems […]

  • Demo based on springboot websocket


    Demo based on springboot websocket address https://github.com/yemingfeng… Function list Distributed Multi device login with the same account Group chat Multiple devices Simple authentication Heartbeat test rely on maven jdk11 redis Redis configuration Redis is used by default localhost:6379 . If it needs to be modified host:port , which can be modified application.yml<br/>Redis is only used […]

  • Zabbix4.0 is built on CentOS 7. It’s a one-time success. It’s a collection!


    From: Jianshu, author: Nangong WentianLink: https://www.jianshu.com/p/7d7… ZABBIX introduction ZABBIX is an enterprise level open source solution based on web interface, which provides distributed system monitoring and network monitoring functions. It can monitor all kinds of network parameters, ensure the safe operation of the server system, and provide a flexible notification mechanism for system administrators to […]

  • ThinkPHP6、Vue、Element、Swoole、Redis


    Code cloud:gitee.com/zengyou168 QQ group: 1128200208 Demo address:redbook.top Account number: Zengyou Password: 888888 ThinkPHP6 vue element swoole redis This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the author and the link of this article