• Huawei intermodal game or application review rejected: click login to enter the game, and the welcome bar is not displayed


    Problem description After integrating the game, payment and other SDKs of Huawei HMS core, submit them for review, and Huawei rejected them for review:We found that your game is on a mobile phone with a Huawei account. When the game starts, we call the login interface without pulling up the welcome bar above the game. […]

  • Tpextbuilder – hasbuilder (encapsulating page)


    Series articles: Background development framework based on (tp5.1, tp6.0) (design ideas refer to laravel admin) Tpextbuilder – hasbuilder (encapsulating page) Tpextbuilder – form Tpextbuilder – Search Tpextbuilder – table Tpextbuilder – selectpage drop-down data Tpextbuilder – left tree navigation Tpextbuilder – displays [component] – field Tpextbuilder – displays [component] – when form linkage Tpextbuilder – […]

  • Introduction to Linux permissions and Chmod commands


    Permission classification: In Linux system, all files and directories haveBelongingandjurisdiction, respectivelyowner、All groupsandsomeone elseofRead、WriteandExecute (xecute)Permission, abbreviated as(r,w,x)You can also use numbers(4,2,1)As shown in the figure below.Therefore, when the permission of a file is 7, it means that it has read-write execution (4 + 2 + 1) permission. If it is 6, it means that it has […]

  • Experiment (1)


    After the injection is successful, log in to the background management and upload a sentence to connect the kitchen knife     Upload 3389, PR, CMD Open the virtual terminal and switch to the upload directory, Execute the PR command, PR “net user hacker 123 / add”, give the user administrator permission after adding the user, […]

  • MySQL cannot resolve remote client connection


    1. Table modification methodIt may be that your account is not allowed to log in remotely, but only in localhost. At this time, just log in to MySQL on the computer of localhost, change the “host” item in the “user” table in the “MySQL” database, and change the name from “localhost” to “%”mysql -u root […]

  • [count] automatically add a badge to prove the reliability of your project


    preface In the open source community, open source projects usually place a row of colorful badges in the most prominent position of readme, which can generally play a role of explanation and proof.For example, the following project (portal): The first badge proves that it can be built normally. Click to jump to the construction process […]

  • Ubuntu knowledge notes


    What is the root password after I install it? What is the root password after I install it? How do I use the root account? When you first install Ubuntu, the root account cannot be used. The first user created during installation has administrative rights over the system. It can run the program like root […]

  • JavaScript && jQuery to realize HTML escape


    Background: One picture is worth a thousand words for a bug encountered in the fast station project. The bug is as follows: This problem only occurs under some accounts. Most other accounts are normal. Under normal circumstances, it is like this: Why is it just because of the account? Guess it’s because of the data […]

  • Hidden swagger part web API interface


    background Swagger is the most popular document generation tool for rest APIs, and it is also an online testing tool for APIs. Powerful, who knows who uses it. I don’t have to promote it here. The problem to be solved today is: if some specific API interfaces are not displayed in swagger, that is, filter […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (53): who


    Recommended yesterday: [](http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__b…Learn a Linux command every day (52): where is Command introduction The who command is used to display the user information currently logged in to the system. The who command is used to display the information of all users currently logged in to the system. You can view the information of those users […]

  • Introduction to canal components and vivo account practice


    With the development of Internet applications, the volume of some single table data is becoming larger and larger. Considering the service performance and stability, there is a need for database and table separation and data migration. This paper introduces the practice of vivo account to meet the above requirements. 1、 Foreword Canal is an open […]