• 2021-08-10-functional enrichment analysis (continuous analysis)


    Functional enrichment analysis After receiving the results from the sequencing company, I found some outrageous pathway enrichment, so I wanted to reproduce this process. After some tossing, I finally explored the origin of the results given by the sequencing company. First of all, I downloaded the GMT file of the corresponding channel on the GSEA […]

  • ASP + Ajax + ACCESS database example explanation three steps sharing


    After reading this Ajax example tutorial, I believe you can also easily make a primary Ajax Application.You can also visit directly:https://www.jb51.net/codes/57017.htmlDownload the source code example of the Ajax tutorial.OK, let’s start to let you know the basic application of Ajax + ASP step by step. We will explain it in three steps, as follows.1. Creation […]

  • Markdown + access function = amazing visualization


    The Chinese version of redash supports complete markdown technology. It has been introduced before that markdown can add advanced functions such as streaming media server for video access monitoring, which greatly expands the performance of traditional dashboards. Next, we introduce another important function of markdown in redash: fetching function Traditional Bi or dashboard focuses on […]

  • Solve “unable to access” https://gitee.com/ Own project / ‘: could not resolve host: gitee.com problem


    Yesterday, the company’s network replacement, and then in the use of GIT operation code, encountered the problem described in the title. Only in this paper, the solution process of the problem is recorded. First step: Get the IP address of this machine. Step 2: Ping The connection is normal. Step 3: Find the hosts file […]

  • Configuration method of connecting access database in Java Web project


    The teacher decided to use the access database in the final exam to add, delete, modify and query. I think I have no problem now, but I used to connect the access database in the JSP page. No matter which way I do, I have done the connection exercises. But now I want my project’s […]

  • Several ways of JDBC connecting access database


    Next, summarize several common connection methods. For example, there are the following access database student, table basic, and 6 records. Now their data are displayed in JSP in several ways. As shown in the figure: For several ways to connect to access database, they are basically based on jdbc-odbc, of course, there are pure jdbc […]

  • Flowd and DIJ record path


    P [i] [J] defines the next point from I to j, and the point where the subproblem becomes P [P [i] [J] [J], where the iteration stops P [i] [J] = J; If ij has no path, I! = J and P [i] [J] = J; void showpath(int p[][N],int i,int j){   if(i!=j&&p[i][j]=j)cout<   cout< 1.shortpath_DIJ void shortpath_DIJ(int […]

  • Intensive reading of orthogonal react components


    1 Introduction With the appropriate design pattern code, can have good maintainability, the benefits of orthogonal reaction components this article focuses on the principle of orthogonality. The so-called orthogonal, that is, modules will not affect each other. If the relationship between the volume of an audio and the channel change button is not orthogonal, the […]

  • VBS generates the fields of all tables in access data


    < job id = “generate all tables and fields in access database and generate character combinations in a certain format” > “<script language =”vbscript”> databasename =” access.mdb Database addressTablename = “blogariticle” ‘”the name of the table to be processed Set conn = CreateObject(“ADODB.Connection”) connstr =”provider=microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0;data source=”&databasename conn.Open connstr Set rs_all = CreateObject(“adodb.recordset”) sql_all =”select name from MSysObjects where type=1 and flags=0″ rs_all.Open sql_all, conn,1,1 DoWhileNot rs_all.EOF     tablename = rs_all(0) Set rs = CreateObject(“adodb.recordset”)     sql =”select * from “& tablename &” where 1<>1″     rs.Open sql, conn,1,1     j = rs.Fields.Count     txtContent =””     txtContent1 =””     txtContent2 =””     txtContent3 =””     txtContent4 =”” For i =0To(j -1)         title = rs.Fields(i).Name […]

  • Tfrecords access instance of tensorflow pictures of different sizes


    All are stored in a tfrecords file, and then read and display the first one. Don’t write any more, just post the code. from PIL import Image import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import tensorflow as tf IMAGE_PATH = ‘test/’ tfrecord_file = IMAGE_PATH + ‘test.tfrecord’ writer = tf.python_io.TFRecordWriter(tfrecord_file) def _int64_feature(value): return tf.train.Feature(int64_list=tf.train.Int64List(value=[value])) def […]

  • A detailed explanation of access / u access function in C language


    Under Linux, the access function is declared in the < unistd. H > file as follows: int access(const char *pathname, int mode); The access function is used to determine whether the specified file or directory exists (f ﹣ OK), and whether the existing file or directory has read (R ﹣ OK), writable (w ﹣ OK), […]

  • Ajax setting access control allow origin for cross domain access


    Ajax cross domain access is an old problem, there are many solutions, jsonp method is more commonly used, jsonp method is an unofficial method, and this method only supports get mode, which is not as secure as post mode. Even usejQueryThe jsonp method with type set to post will also automatically change to get. Official […]