• Package and download VBScript code for reading access database


    The effect is as shown in the figure: Core code: Copy codeThe codes are as follows: Option Explicit Dim arrTables( ), i, idxTables, intValidArgs Dim blnContent, blnFieldNames Dim objConn, objFSO, objRS, objSchema Dim strConnect, strHeader, strOutput Dim strFile, strResult, strSQL, strTable Const adSchemaTables = 20 ‘ Check command line arguments With WScript.Arguments If .Unnamed.Count = […]

  • Getcwd cannot access parent directories error resolution


    Copy codeThe codes are as follows: [[email protected] php]# /etc/init.d/httpd restart shell-init: error retrieving current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories: No such file or directory This error indicates that the getcwd command cannot locate to the current working directory. Generally speaking, it is because you CD to a directory and RM the directory. When you […]

  • Cellchat Trilogy 2: comparative analysis of cell communication of multiple datasets using cellchat


    Cellchat Trilogy 2: comparative analysis of cell communication of multiple datasets using cellchat Load required packages Create a directory to save pictures Load cellchat objects for each dataset and merge them together Part I: General principles of predictive cell communication Compare the total number and intensity of interactions The number and intensity of interactions between […]

  • Two methods to migrate access database to SQLSERVER database (picture and text explanation)


    Access2000 file Open with Access2007 and migrate to SQLServer2005 Open the database tool of Access2007 Method 1: use the database migration tool provided with Access2007 1. Open the database Migration Wizard of Access2007 2. Click sqlserver to open the upsizing Wizard dialog box 3. Select new database 4. Enter the computer name. My local computer […]

  • Raid’s learning and Basics


    1. what is raid; Raid (redundant array of Inexpensive Disks) is called redundant array of inexpensive disks. The basic idea of raid is to combine multiple cheap small disks into a disk group, so that the performance can reach or exceed that of a large and expensive disk.At present, RAID technology can be roughly divided […]

  • C# operation access database (vs2019)


    C# operation access database (vs2019) 1、 Database connection and programming 1. Create access database 2. Database and c# establish connection 3. Program to read the database 2) Code part 2、 Operation of database 1. Add a row of data to a table in the database. 2. Modify the value of a data 3. Find the […]

  • How to map metabolic pathways with genome?


    Only the genome. I wanted to draw a metabolic map. I tossed about it for several days. Finally, I found that it was the fastest to look at the official website documents carefully. There were few detailed explanations found on the website. Most of them only talked about one part, so it was the fastest […]

  • Cell interaction in single cell analysis-3: cellchat


    Common cell communication software: CellphoneDB: is a publicly available, manually calibrated database that stores receptors, ligands, and two interactions. In addition, the structural composition is also considered, which can describe heterogeneous complexes.(ligand receptor + polymer) iTALK: the embryos and receptors with high expression were screened by means of average expression amount, and the circle diagram […]

  • 2021-08-10-functional enrichment analysis (continuous analysis)


    Functional enrichment analysis After receiving the results from the sequencing company, I found some outrageous pathway enrichment, so I wanted to reproduce this process. After some tossing, I finally explored the origin of the results given by the sequencing company. First of all, I downloaded the GMT file of the corresponding channel on the GSEA […]

  • ASP + Ajax + ACCESS database example explanation three steps sharing


    After reading this Ajax example tutorial, I believe you can also easily make a primary Ajax Application.You can also visit directly:https://www.jb51.net/codes/57017.htmlDownload the source code example of the Ajax tutorial.OK, let’s start to let you know the basic application of Ajax + ASP step by step. We will explain it in three steps, as follows.1. Creation […]

  • Markdown + access function = amazing visualization


    The Chinese version of redash supports complete markdown technology. It has been introduced before that markdown can add advanced functions such as streaming media server for video access monitoring, which greatly expands the performance of traditional dashboards. Next, we introduce another important function of markdown in redash: fetching function Traditional Bi or dashboard focuses on […]

  • Solve “unable to access” https://gitee.com/ Own project / ‘: could not resolve host: gitee.com problem


    Yesterday, the company’s network replacement, and then in the use of GIT operation code, encountered the problem described in the title. Only in this paper, the solution process of the problem is recorded. First step: Get the IP address of this machine. Step 2: Ping The connection is normal. Step 3: Find the hosts file […]