• HTML5 simple chart plug-in


    Recently, I took a web information elective course. I had to hand in a small project at the end of the term. Originally, I wanted to say to play a small game, but I finally chose to do this jQuery plug-in. There are many similar plug-ins on the Internet, which are much better than mine, […]

  • Primary analog circuit: 10-1 logarithmic diagram and decibel


    Back to directory 1. Logarithmic coordinate diagram (1) Concept derivation To study the frequency, we must use the logarithmic coordinate diagram. The logarithmic diagram can show the impact of the relative change of frequency on the circuit performance in a wide range, and this effect can not be achieved by the ordinary linear coordinate diagram. […]

  • 04 simple program for calculating π of publisher subscriber of message queue ZMQ.


    #Tip: one way to calculate π is to sprinkle beans randomly into a square with side length n# Then see whether these beans are in the quarter circle with n as the radius. Square area: n * n, quarter circle area: π * n * n / 4 # so the probability of falling in […]

  • Drawing chart in wechat applet (Part1)


    Chart status in wechat applet Due to the limitation of the framework of wechat applet, it is difficult to integrate the existing chart tools. At present, there are two schemes for displaying charts1. Server side rendering charts, output images, wechat applet directly display rendered images, such as highcharts provides server side rendering capabilitieshightcharts server renderThis […]

  • Bid farewell to hard coding and let your front-end table calculate automatically


    GitHub | Demo | Blog | Original link preface When my team developed the tax system module, I found that they needed to spend 80% of their time to solve the calculation problems, especially in the calculation in the grid Write the foreground JS code (because the user’s input in the table will affect other […]

  • Exercise 7-3 judging upper triangular matrix


    The upper triangular matrix refers to the matrix whose elements below the main diagonal are all 0; the main diagonal is the line from the upper left corner to the lower right corner of the matrix. This problem requires the preparation of procedures to determine whether a given square matrix is a triangular matrix. Input […]

  • Calling camera with jQuery webcam plugin


    Welcome to personal website brief introduction The original project encountered a call to the camera function, PHP white encountered this situation immediately to the Internet search, the final usehttps://www.helloweba.com/vie…, too bad, the author did not say how to use, if you use the framework development is very troublesome Today, I found a more flexible plug-in […]

  • Using Vue + zrender to draw three temperature sheets (2)


    Preview address :8077/#/ In the last issue, we talked about how to create a project and create the file structure of each project. In this issue, we will talk about how to draw the line segments in the diagram First of all, in Src / components/ Render.vue Add a reference to import zrender from […]

  • Deveexpress + WinForm


    Video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV15x411x7WN?p=7 The application of chart control.   Choose a chart type without considering the superposition of various charts.   Bind data and set abscissa and ordinate. private void XtraForm1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { Series series = this.chartControl1.Series[0]; DataTable table = new DataTable(); table.Columns.Add(“Class”); table.Columns.Add(“TotalGrade”,typeof(double)); var row = table.NewRow(); Row [“class”] = class 1; row[“TotalGrade”] […]