• Eighteen tips for making web pages about code


    1. XML files are encoded as UTF-8 as far as possible. Some words of GB2312 can not be stored, such as?, even if they can be stored, they need to be converted, which is troublesome. UTF-8 also conforms to international standards.2. In CSS, the pseudo-Class hover will fail if it is placed before visited.3. <a> […]

  • Learning XML about Image Hyperlink Making


    This is another problem that I encountered in my study today. To make image hyperlinks, I need to put the link address into the href attribute of <a>, but this is to set tags in tags, which is not possible. I checked the “Web Programming Practice Tutorial” before I know the correct solution. Now I […]

  • About Perl


    Powerful, stable, mature and portable Perl 5 is a 26-year-old, powerful and performance-rich programming language. Perl can run on more than 100 platforms, from portable devices to mainframes. At the same time, it is also suitable for prototype design and large-scale development projects. If Perl is compared to the development language family, then Perl 6 […]