• How to port WinForm to. Net core 3.0


    Refer to porting existing applications to. Net core 3.0 Environmental Science First, download. Net core 3.0 and visual studio 2019 Edit csproj file <Project Sdk=”Microsoft.NET.Sdk.WindowsDesktop”> <PropertyGroup> <OutputType>WinExe</OutputType> <TargetFramework>netcoreapp3.0</TargetFramework> <UseWindowsForms>true</UseWindowsForms> <GenerateAssemblyInfo>false</GenerateAssemblyInfo> </PropertyGroup> </Project> Recover nuget package find package.config Right click the file and select upgrade to package reference, but I will pop up the box I […]

  • Explain the new JSON API in. Net core 3.0


    Why do you need a new JSON API? JSON.NET Everybody used it. The old version ASP.NET Core also relies on JSON.NET 。 However, this dependency can cause some version problems: for example, one version of ASP. Net core needs to use JSON. Net V10, while another library needs to use it JSON.NET V11; or there […]

  • Using dotnet dump to find the reason why. Net core 3.0 takes up 100% of CPU


    The company’s products have been continuously upgraded in line with. Net core 3.0 preview. Once deployed to a Linux server, there will occasionally be a process that takes up 100% CPUBecause the service is deployed in the cloud, remote debugging cannot be used; this problem cannot be reproduced on Linux server or windows development machine […]

  • Graphic tutorial of using IOC in WPF in. Net core 3.0


    preface We all know that. Net core 3.0 has released the sixth preview version. We also know that. Net core 3.0 now supports the creation of WPF projects. Today, WPF is used when writing a code generator client, so we will record the process of creating and Using WPF, hoping to help you. Of course, […]

  • Net core 3.0 autoface new pose sharing with built-in Di replacement


    . net core 3.0 is different from the previous version. There are some changes in the way of replacing Autofac services, and some problems arise when trying to upgrade the project. Originally, in net core 2.1, Autofac returned an iserviceprovider parameter and injected it into the configureservices. Net core service. This is what the basic […]

  • Explain the new changes in. NET Core 3.0


    NET Core 3.0 is the next major version of the. NET Core platform. This article reviews the history of. Net Core and shows how it evolved from version 1, which basically supports Web and data workloads, to version 3.0, which can run Web, desktop, machine learning, container, IoT, etc. .NET Core 1 The history of. […]

  • Two Ways of Configuring Gaud Map in Vue-Cli 3.0


    There are two ways to use Golden Map in Vue I. vue-amap components Official website: https://elemefe.github.io/vue-amap/#/ At first, I intended to use this component for map function, but there were some problems after I tried, so I gave up. Maybe I used it in the wrong way. The problems I encounter are: 1. Use after […]

  • MongoDB 3.0 + Security Access Control Details


    1. Start MongoDB service without access control sudo service mongod start 2. Connect to an instance mongo –port 27017 Specify additional command line options to connect the Mongo shell to deploy the Mongodb server, such as — host 3. Created User Administrator use admin db.createUser( { user: “myUserAdmin”, pwd: “abc123”, roles: [ { role: “userAdminAnyDatabase”, […]