• How to convert XML files into classes in Visual Studio 2013


    Today, I bring you a very practical function in Visual Studio 2013, which can automatically generate XML deserialized classes. In the past, if we wanted to de sequence XML into objects in code, we either created these objects manually (which is easy to make mistakes), or generated class with the help of third-party tools. Now, […]

  • Visual studio 2013 + opencv2.4.10 environment building tutorial


    Opencv is a very convenient open visual library. This article explains in detail how to configure opencv2.4.10 in win8.1 + Visual Studio 2013 environment Tools: opencv2.4.10 Method / step: The version of OpenCV used here is 2.4.10, which can be downloaded for free on OpenCV’s official website. The software size is about 350m. After downloading, […]