• The difference between git add – A and git add


    Two methods of GIT branching and merging Git add – A and git add. Git add – u are similar in function, but there are still some differences git add . : he will monitor the status tree of the workspace, which will be used to commit all changes in the work to the staging […]

  • Regular expressions outline what regular expressions are


    Overview of regular expressions Regular expressions are widely used in programming languages, especially for string processing. Such as match string, find string, replace string, etc. It can be said that a regular expression is a piece of text or a formula. It is used to describe a formula to match a type of string with […]

  • Batch scripts for automated testing of Android Applications


    Test Platform: Compatible with all Android platforms (2.3-4.2) Test Background: Because the SDK of the product needs to be tested, and these interfaces need to be invoked in app, a simple Android application (as shown in the figure) is developed to invoke the interface that needs to be tested. In fact, each button in app […]