• Solve the problem that Android 10 / Android Q mobile phone can’t locate normally in the background


    Android 10 was officially released in September 2019, bringing about a very significant change in GPS permissions. Provides users with the permission only when using this app. Once the user chooses “only allow when using this app”, the app will not be able to record the GPS track normally in the background or when the […]

  • The tutorial of Tomcat installation and deployment in Windows 10


    Before installing and deploying tomcat, it is necessary to ensure that there is a Java environment on the machine. Therefore, the installation and deployment of Tomcat can be divided into two parts: the first is the configuration of Java environment, and the second is the installation and deployment of Tomcat. 1 Java environment configuration 1.1 […]

  • How to install mysql-8.0.17-winx64 under Windows 10


    1. Download and unzip from the official website https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/ After downloading, there is a zip package file: mysql-5.7.26-winx64.zip, and then decompress the file; After decompressing, I put the decompressed file under D: / / mysql-5.7.26-winx64; 2. Setting environment variables Configure MySQL_ Home is the decompression path of MySQL: D: / / mysql-5.7.26-winx64, and set in […]

  • How to create Siri function with IOS 10 and xcode8 (written by OC)


    After IOS 10 comes out, we developers can also use functions similar to Siri.. Let’s see how to use it. In fact, it uses speech framework, a speech recognition framework in Siri. Let’s take a look at some of the main code. We need a uitextview and a uibutton. Step 1: define attributes @interface ViewController […]

  • Lenovo supports windows 10 system upgrade model list


    Note: the following products Lenovo will provide windows 10 system driver support Consumer desktop and all in oneErazer series: D315 T420 x310 x315 x510Horizon Series: Horizon 2 27 horizon 2E horizon 2SIdeacentre a series: a530 A540 a730 a740Ideacentre B series: b345 B350 b355 b4040 b5040 b4655 b545 b550 B750Ideacentre C series: C2005 c2030 c255 C260 […]

  • A tutorial of installing Apache 2.4.41 under Windows 10


    1、 Apache 2.4.41 installation and configuration The first step is to download the latest Apache package at https://www.apachehaus.com/cgi-bin/download.plx × apache24vc15, as shown in the following figure The second step is to download and install the VC15 operating environment. The download address is https://www.apachehaus.com/cgi-bin/download.plx × redist15, as shown in the following figure Step 3: extract httpd-2.4.41-o111c-x64-vc15-r2.zip […]

  • IOS 10 Custom Camera Function


    The specific code of iOS 10 custom camera function is shared for your reference by an example in this paper. The details are as follows. Code directly // // TGCameraVC.swift // TGPhotoPicker // // Created by targetcloud on 2017/7/25. // Copyright 2017 targetcloud. All rights reserved. // import UIKit import AVFoundation import Photos @available(iOS 10.0, […]