Swarm node construction scheme BZZ equipment configuration requirements


From fil, Chia to swarm, the popularity of distributed storage has not stopped this year. With the finalization of the launch date of swarm / BZZ main network, many investors are waiting to see whether to start now? Before you start, Xiaobian needs to popularize knowledge about swarm / BZZ~

Swarm node construction scheme BZZ equipment configuration requirements

1、 What is swarm?

Swarm’s concept of implementing distributed data storage was put forward as early as early as 2015. Promoted by Ethereum founders vitalik buterin, Gavin wood and Jeffrey wilcke, swarm’s protocol labels BZZ and Shh were created by vitalik. Therefore, swarm can be said to be an official part of the Ethereum project, which is mainly developed by the Ethereum foundation. It allows mining pool storage, bandwidth and computing resources to support applications based on Ethereum network.

The team tried to create a point-to-point storage and service solution with non downtime, zero failure and anti censorship, and create an economically incentive system within swarm to promote the exchange of resource value.

Swarm is a member of the original ecology of Ethereum and provides a more friendly development method. Ethereum developers can complete the decentralized storage of data through swarm instead of directly relying on external ecology such as IPFs and filecoin.

2、 What are the benefits of swarm’s participation in building nodes now?

In the airdrop test stage, just 35 “queen bee nodes” will be randomly determined in the network. First, 1 million BZZ can be obtained. The most important thing is that the contribution nodes of the test network can be preferentially connected to the main network after the main network line.

It costs to set up nodes. During the test network, there is no token as a reward, so its output to investor nodes is something similar to a check. After waiting for the main online line, take the check obtained by the test network to cash swarm’s token BZZ.

3、 What configuration is required for BZZ equipment?

At present, swarm airdrop has certain requirements for configuration and bandwidth, and there are few enterprise users who can effectively obtain BZZ currency cheques in the market, so we must pay more attention to selecting the platform. If you need to open more nodes, you need to improve the corresponding configuration. The bandwidth requires that a node generally needs about 10 megabytes to operate stably. The best bandwidth selected must be dedicated bandwidth rather than shared bandwidth, because the stability of shared bandwidth will be weaker!

4、 What is the difference between “cloud node” and “physical node”?

Cloud node: it is to build and configure swarm on cloud rented ECs. Servers such as Alibaba cloud and Tencent cloud directly rent and deploy swarm cloud nodes to run the test network.

The advantage of using cloud nodes is that they are convenient and can be expanded at any time, eliminating the problem that the time cycle of physical nodes from ordering server hardware, from supply to assembly, shelf deployment and other columns takes up to half a month. The disadvantage is that there is no real right, only the right to use during the lease period, and it ends when it expires.

Physical node: the current physical node refers to the swarm device server built by purchasing the “complete server”. This is a swarm node built by a server composed of CPU, memory, hard disk and a series of related accessories.

5、 Does a single node correspond to an independent IP address? What’s the meaning?

Each node needs to map three ports, and one IP can be applied to multiple nodes. BZZ is actually similar to CDN, that is, when there is data storage, it is distributed to nodes according to location. Coffee aacd314 learn more

Swarm node construction scheme BZZ equipment configuration requirements

6、 What is the concept of soft launch No. 13 announced on the main network? Need to pledge BZZ and consume eth? Is it the real main network online?

The soft start on the 13th is for the public offering of coinlist. At present, the token of the main network has not been released on Ethernet, and no more details have been released. After the main network is officially launched, the mining and gold exchange will allocate a standard server at the first time.

7、 When can BZZ be produced?

When BZZ airdrop ends, qbzz check needs to be cashed. Without this step, once the official enters the main network, you will not receive your BZZ.

Swarm node construction scheme BZZ equipment configuration requirements
8、 After the main network goes online, do the rules change and have an impact on the nodes?

After the swarm main network is launched, the corresponding output mode will not change, but the current ticket issuing reward will be BZZ at that time. The core space is still hardware storage and bandwidth. Of course, the specific release mechanism of BZZ needs to be announced by the project party.

9、 Is a ticket exchanged according to one product? 100000 tickets can only be exchanged for one BZZ?

The exchange ratio is uncertain. The final number of tickets for a BZZ depends on how many valid tickets can be generated in the test network stage.

10、 What are the rules for distributing tickets to customers?

The platform of the mining and gold exchange will distribute the air drop reward in proportion after deducting the technical service fee according to the total number of sales nodes and the actual BZZ quantity of check exchange obtained in the final correspondence.

11、 What are the advantages of buying now compared with buying online?

1. Early participation can obtain a quota of less than 100000 nodes, which determines whether you can participate and obtain the qualification of BZZ after going online.

2. The price is often more affordable. With the increasing popularity, the later the price may be higher.

3. The earlier you participate, the higher the output. With the increase of nodes, the more people participate, the less the output will be.

4. Now participation means dividing up 1 million more than others.

12、 What is the difference between swarm and IPFs blockchain technology?

Swarm is part of eth’s official project and is mainly developed by eth foundation. In other words, swarm can be understood as a filecoin project running on Ethereum. Both IPFs and swarm belong to distributed storage tracks. Fil has a wider and broader audience. BZZ is a customized project of Ethereum, and programming is a landing project with V God’s knife. However, swarm was originally founded to solve the storage based on Ethereum public chain and better build the ecology of Ethereum. Coffee aacd314 learn more

Swarm node construction scheme BZZ equipment configuration requirements
The total issuance of fil is 2 billion, and the total issuance of BZZ is 62.5 million, which is far lower than that of fil. Therefore, from the price after going online, BZZ must be higher. However, BZZ does not have its own public chain and uses Ethernet public chain, while fil has its own public chain and independent ecosystem. In terms of the value of subsequent blockchains, they are complementary. In easy to understand words, a warehouse that pays more attention to storage is understood as a warehouse for putting things! One pays more attention to data distribution, that is, key delivery! Generally speaking, both of them have upgrading significance for the development of blockchain to improve better blockchain technology.

13、 What is the difference between BZZ and fil?

Fil needs to be hosted in the national IDC room, and the 24-hour continuous power network operates under the condition of constant humidity and constant temperature. In the early stage, there is also a certain threshold for pledge currency and gas fee, while BZZ pays attention to bandwidth. By building nodes and receiving bills, BZZ will receive one million official airdropped bzzs in front of the main line. In other words, the cloud node is used to access the project node through a series of complex operations, and then receive tickets every day. At that time, the official will air drop in proportion according to the number of tickets. Of course, BZZ also needs pledge, but the pledge and access threshold are much lower.

The fil main network has been online for more than 8 months, but BZZ has not been online and is still in private placement. In other words, in the airdrop test stage, the investment in BZZ needs to install the official bee node, and then calculate through the bee node. The greater the contribution of this node to the swarm network, that is, the higher the node quality and the greater the workload, the greater the possibility of obtaining BZZ output. Coffee aacd314 learn more