Swarm BZZ mining machine configuration


Because of the huge interests of toukuang, more and more people pay attention to BZZ“ V God platform “,” extremely short back to this cycle “and other factors make a lot of people jump in when their heads are hot!

Mining machine docking aacd314

Now the market is really bustling. Big platforms and small workshops are all involved in the business of selling BZZ nodes. The prices vary from thousands to tens of thousands, and the services are also various. We need to clean our eyes to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s take a look at some of the risk factors in the market

1. No official recommendation

Because of the lessons of IPFs, many people are worried about the configuration of BZZ mining machine.

Just because no one knows how to configure the mining machine after the main network goes online, there is no way to compare the price. Many people may not know what they have bought and why the price is after they bought the node.

Swarm BZZ mining machine configuration

Now there are two kinds of cloud nodes on the market. One is the cloud node, which is to rent a cloud server such as Tencent cloud and Alibaba cloud to build a node to test the network and get a check. However, after the main network goes online, the cloud node probably can’t participate in mining, which is also explained by the official. Although cloud nodes look cheap, they are useless later.

The other is the physical node, which is the node built by the whole machine server including CPU, memory, hard disk, etc. Because the official configuration requirements are unclear, when the main network goes online, it may face the problem of changing the configuration. If the configuration is too high, it will be wasted, and if it is too low, it will have to pay for upgrading. If some miners don’t need to pay for it, they will certainly get high money in the early stage, and the wool will come from the sheep.

In addition, there will be some invalid nodes on the market that can’t issue tickets, or the cloud server has built countless old version nodes, and such tickets are also invalid. Be careful.

2. The acquisition probability of BZZ airdrop reward

The current stage is the test network stage, with 1 million bzzs awarded to testers in the form of cheques, so now it is the ticket digging stage.

Whether it’s self built nodes, cloud nodes or physical nodes, they can issue tickets, but no one knows whether the tickets are worth money. The ticket must have interacted with 35 queen nodes before it is valid. The invalid ticket has no value, and the valid ticket needs to judge the value according to the performance of your interaction with queen nodes.

That is to say, you are just drawing a lottery now. It depends on your luck whether you can draw and how much you can draw.

3. Whether the pledge currency is needed and how much is the cost

Now it seems that it’s probably pledge, because BZZ is also distributed storage. In order to ensure the effectiveness of data storage, pledge is the best way, but it’s not sure now.

This pledge involves the issue of input cost. If you don’t need it, you can mine directly; But if you need to pledge, and the pledge fee is quite high, if you have bought the miner, do you dig or not?

4. Growth rate of computing power

This is just a risk consideration. Although I personally don’t think it is a big problem, it is also a reference for you. Because Chia’s computing power grew too fast, leading to the decline of Nissan, which had a lot to do with the extremely low threshold of participation at that time. The threshold of BZZ is much higher than that of other computers. It should be OK to configure the computer room and pledge it.

Now there are so many risk factors, in fact, the main network of swarm is not online, the economic model is not clear, the mining mechanism is not clear, and there are too many unknown factors.

In addition, be careful when buying BZZ in the market. The person who sells private placement money may have no money at all. He will consider whether to cash it for you according to the price of the money. If you buy the futures of the pheasant exchange, you may not be able to mention them at all. In addition, the $1.92 public offering coin will be put on sale in coinlist. Many people are engaged in the complicated KYC or acquisition of coinlist account, which also has risks. The account is likely to be blocked, and if it is not sealed, they may not be able to get the BZZ coin.

OK, although toukuang is very attractive, there are many pitfalls in the market. We should clean our eyes and make rational investment according to our own judgment of risk.

Mining machine docking aacd314

Here, we will talk about the differences between physical nodes and cloud nodes

1. There will be no so-called official miner hardware configuration; Refer to filecoin for details;

Swarm BZZ mining machine configuration

2. Swarm network does not require high hardware. Servers with different configurations can set up 1-N bee nodes. For example, your office computer may be able to deploy 5 bee nodes, while our professional server can be configured with 500 bee nodes. At present, we have no standard server scheme, so there is no so-called physical mining machine (physical node) sales scheme at present; Maybe there will be after the main network goes online, but in fact it doesn’t make much sense.

3. The main cost of BZZ is bandwidth, and the cost of hardware is relatively small, so don’t pay too much attention to the ownership of hardware;

Take a chestnut: if you install broadband in your home and spend 300 yuan to buy a router, the annual broadband fee is 1200 yuan; Router ownership is yours, but if you don’t renew it in the second year, you still can’t get on the Internet;

Don’t worry about ownership. As long as swarm network exists, the rights and interests can be said to be permanent, as long as you pay enough bandwidth fees on time;

4. Swarm needs to deploy nodes all over the world, and the hardware and bandwidth of different regions are different, so at present, there is no way to use the server with unified configuration;

5. Cloud node is not virtual. It must be composed of corresponding physical server, IP, bandwidth, firewall, software, etc. Don’t listen to the nonsense that the cloud nodes will be scrapped after the main bee network goes online; In fact, logic is the same as the cloud computing power of filecoin. The so-called mining machine is just a storage server, but there are a series of supporting hardware and software, such as switch, optical fiber, encapsulation machine, node machine, certificate machine, cluster software, firewall, etc. behind it to build a complete mining pool. And cloud computing power is just a unit that is better measured on the filecoin network.

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