Super efficiency right mouse button menu adds move to and copy to functions


In our daily work, due to various reasons, the files in the hard disk are disordered. We need to sort out the files carefully. In the process of collation, it is necessary to copy or move files frequently. Do we need to switch between folders frequently?

As early as in the era of Windows XP, Microsoft installed the “move to / copy to” function in the file explorer. Because of our high usage rate of this function, it has been preserved up to now.

However, Microsoft did not add this function to the right mouse button menu. If we want to execute “move to / copy to” on the desktop, we can only copy / cut the items we want to operate, paste them in the corresponding location, or directly enter the desktop folder of personal files, and operate on the file manager. Both methods are complicated. If Microsoft doesn’t make it for us, we’ll have to do it ourselves.

Enter regedit in Cortana search bar, enter the registry editor, and navigate to HKEY? Classes? Root \ allfilesystemobjects \ shellex \ contextmenuhandlers through the left sidebar.

Add “Move to”Function: right click the blank space on the right to select new“term”, named “move”, double click on the right“(default)”, write in the numerical data:


Add “copy to” function: right click in the right margin and select new“term”,, named“Copy”(the name is arbitrary, but it must be in English). Double click (default) on the right and write in the numerical data:


Log off or restart the computer and click the right mouse button at will“Move to / copy to”Right now?

You may feel that this function is not impressive. There are some functions in the file resource manager under the window that need more effort. You must get the right mouse button. However, according to the frequency of daily use of the mouse, you can save a lot of daily operation steps.