Super detailed graphic and text tutorial of reinstalling win10 system (applicable to all Windows systems)


Reinstall the original system

1、 MSDN platform for downloading original files

Before installing the operating system, you must first understand MSDN. MSDN is the original image file download platform. The operating system files on the platform belong to the official original, and the original system is relatively stable and reliable without modification by others.

  1. Through Baidu search: MSDN I tell you
  2. Platform website:

MSDN can be found in both ways, and the original windows system can be downloaded from the platform.


The operating system includes: Windows 7, windows 10, windows server, etc,

Take win10? 64 bit as an example, copy the ed2k link and download it with thunderbolt.


2、 What’s the difference between the original chat system and ghost system?

Original system: that is, the official original system of Microsoft, or the original system. Its file format is generally ISO, which can guarantee the integrity of the system. After installation, it runs stably without any attached cluttered software. Compared with the ghost system installation, it takes a long time and the process is complex (no driver after win7 installation).

Ghost version: compared with the original version of the operating system, the system of the abridged version is indeed fast and simple, without the need to install hardware drivers, but it also has disadvantages. Some services or functions of the system are omitted through others’ hands, incomplete, and the system is easy to crash, and some computers will have compatibility problems and cannot be installed.

3、 Recommend the most practical PE boot disk to you

Why should I recommend it? I believe that many people have been through the pit of family barrel package. I recommend “micro PE”. The experience of micro PE (softdisk) on PE startup disk is the best. There is no advertisement and it has powerful functions. Before, when using U-depth installation, although I chose the ad free mode from the advanced settings, the installed system always installed some applications automatically. At one time, my colleagues teased me that I downloaded them Pirated system, let me wonder if the system is not the original version, later found that PE comes with the family bucket set meal, it’s really sad.

1. Prepare a USB flash disk of 8G and above,

2. Download micro PE toolbox v2.0 from the official website of micro PE tool:


3. Connect the U disk to the computer and open the micro PE


Open the interface as shown in the figure below. Select the first installation method: install PE to U disk


Installation method: scheme I, UEFI / lehacy all-around three zones

Disk to be written: u330
Format: exFAT format is enough, supporting single image file larger than 4GB

Wallpaper: optional

After selection, install it into the USB flash disk immediately


After writing, copy the downloaded ISO system file to the U disk, and then you can install the operating system. I’ll make a simple demonstration here, so that you can see the installation steps more intuitively:

(give a suggestion to friends: if you have no installation experience, you can search the method of installing the system on the Internet according to the model according to the different computer models. Some models have some differences in installation, and the installation ideas of the PC are basically the same.)

I take Dell as an example, how to reinstall the system and BIOS settings?

4、 How to install the operating system?

Insert the micro PE boot disk, turn on the computer when the computer is turned off, and immediately press F12 to boot to the BIOS main interface

In the BIOS main interface, the U disk is inserted, but the BIOS main interface is not displayed. We need to modify the BIOS startup mode, select BIOS Setup, and press enter


After entering, move right to the boot option to modify the secure boot and legacy Boot Options

Set secure boot to dlsabled (dlsabled disabled)

Set legacy boot to enabled

After modification, press F10 to save BIOS settings, restart and press F12 to enter BIOS main interface.


After entering the BIOS main interface, you can see from the following figure that the USB boot disk option has appeared in BIOS mode,
Select USB Storage Device (name of U disk) and press enter to enter PE


Click and wait for the automatic loading to complete. The following figure is the interface of micro PE. Select “CGI backup restore” to open it


CGI backup restore interface:

Select Restore partition with mouse: C disk (system partition C disk)


[click] please select the image file: windows? 7? ISO file

[click] please select the image or sub volume (click with the left mouse button): Ultimate (select the win ﹣ 7 image version here as ultimate, that is, win ﹣ 7 ultimate)

You can also open your U disk file to select ISO image file (win7 / win10 / win server 2012) and operating system version according to your needs. After selection, confirm – execute!


After loading, restart.


The above-mentioned is a super detailed graphic and text tutorial of reinstalling win10 system introduced by Xiaobian to you. I hope it can help you. If you have any questions, please leave a message to me, and Xiaobian will reply to you in time. Thank you very much for your support of the developepaer website!
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