Summary of updates released in the official version of Apple MacOS Big Sur 11.3


Today, apple pushed the official version of IOS 14.5 / ipados 14.5 and the latest system update of MacOS Big Sur 11.3. This version number is 20e232.

According to Apple‘s official update, Mac OS Big Sur 11.3 adds support for airtag,Improved iPhone and iPad apps for Mac with M1 chip, and support the separate selection of different skin colors for lovers’ emoticons.

Airtag and find

Support tracking and finding your important items, such as keys, wallets and backpacks, in a private and secure way in the “find” app through airtag

The find network can help you find airtag through hundreds of millions of devices, even if it is not nearby

“Lost mode” can notify you when airtag is found, and you can also enter the contact phone number

IPhone and iPad apps for Mac with M1 chip

New option to change iPhone and iPad app window size

Support full screen display of the highest resolution version of iPhone or iPad app

IPhone and iPad games using tilt devices now support keyboards

IPhone and iPad games with game controller support now support keyboard, mouse and touchpad


It supports the individual selection of skin color for each of all kiss couple emoticons and love couple emoticons

Add facial emoticons, love emoticons and long bearded female emoticons

Apple Music

Autoplay will automatically play similar songs after the song or playlist is played, so as to play music continuously

The city charts show the pop music of major cities


The program page of podcast has been redesigned to make it easier for you to start listening

The option to store and download episodes automatically adds episodes to the database for quick access

Download behavior and notification settings can be customized for each program

Popular categories in leaderboard and search can help you find new programs

Safari browser

You can now customize the order of the “start page” section

The new web extensions API allows developers to provide extensions to replace new tab pages

The web speech API allows developers to integrate speech recognition into web pages to provide real-time subtitles, dictation and voice navigation

Support for WebM and Vorbis video and audio formats


Sortable today smart list

Support the order of reminders in the inter device synchronization list

New option to print reminder list

play a game

Support Xbox series x|s wireless controller or Sony ps5 dualsense wireless controller

Mac with M1 chip

Support sleep

About this machine

After logging in through Apple ID, the apple warranty status and AppleCare + warranty period will be displayed in the service tab of “about this computer”

Support the purchase and registration of AppleCare for eligible MAC computers from about this computer+

This update also fixes the following issues:

Alerts created through Siri may be accidentally set to early morning hours

Icloud Keychain may not close

“Auto switch” of airpods sends audio to the wrong device

The “auto switch” notification of airpods may not be displayed or repeated

The external 4K display may not display at full resolution when connected via usb-c

After restarting mac mini (M1 chip, 2020 model), the login window may not display correctly

The stay function in the accessibility keyboard may not work properly

Some features may not be available in all regions or on all Apple devices, and an Apple ID may be required.

The above is about the official version of Apple MacOS Big Sur 11.3. I hope you like it. Please continue to pay attention to developpaer.

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