Summary of the problems and solutions of the runtime errors caused by computer running application failure


1、 Missing d3dx9_ xx.dll

If you open some games, you may receive the error message “unable to open this program because d3dx9 is missing from your computer_ xx.dll (XX is not necessarily a number), such as the following:


Temporary solution:Encounter this kind of mistake, a lot of people first think of, go directly to Baidu search for the lack of the d3dx9 file, download it and put it into the game directory. After this method is used, generally, the game can enter. However, this is actually a temporary method rather than a permanent cure. Because if you download d3dx9 to the game directory, although this game can be played, other games may not be able to enter because of the missing file. At this time, you have to copy the d3dx9 to the directory of another game. Moreover, this game needs d3dx9_ 43, maybe another game wants 46 or 39 or something, and then you have to find another missing d3dx9 file to download. It’s very troublesome.

In fact, this d3dx9_ XX’s missing error is not due to the lack of this file in the game directory (this file is not included in the game directory at all), but that the complete DirectX is not installed on the computer. DirectX is a game runtime developed by Microsoft. Now most games need this runtime to run, and the d3dx9 file is just the thing in this runtime.

The best solution:Download a DirectX redist 2010.6 on the Internet with a size of 8,90mb. When you install this, you will see one after another of d3dx9 in the progress bar_ xx.dll It is installed in the system directory of the computer. After the installation is completed, the game that originally prompted the lack of files can be opened. At present, many large-scale games have the installation program of DirectX runtime in commonredist or redist, which is generally dxwebsetup. This is the online installation version of DirectX, which requires network connection. Of course, there are a few games (such as cod11) that directly integrate the full version of the DirectX runtime installation program.

2、 Lack of msvcpxxx.dll or msvcrxxx.dll


Temporary solution:This error, many people’s solution is similar to the above method, or to baidu this missing file, download to the lack of the file software or game directory. The result is, of course, a cure for the symptoms rather than the root cause. If the software goes in, other software may still be missing this file, or files with different numbers at the back, and even a more serious “application can’t start normally (0x…)” error (this error will be discussed later).

This error is also not due to the lack of this name in the software or game directory“ msvcpxxx.dll This error is also a runtime missing error. What runtime is missing? Visual C + + runtime. I believe there are smart people who can see from the file name that this is the file of Visual C + + runtime library (MS, Microsoft VC, Visual C + +).

The best solution:Of course, download the visual c + + library. But there are many versions of Visual C + +, how do you know which one is missing? Don’t worry, look at the number behind the missing file. The two or three numbers following VCP or VCR indicate the version of VC library corresponding to the file. In other words, the running of mscpvdll is the same as that of running mscpvdll, that is to say, the running of mscpvcdll is the same as that of running mscpvdll, Msvcp140 corresponds to vc2015, why not msvcp130? Because msvcp130 corresponds to vc13.0, while western countries do not use the number of 13. The version also skips 13, from 12 to 14 directly (so there is no 13 in office). msvcrxxx.dll The same is true. According to this name, we can infer which runtime should be installed to solve the problem according to the missing file. Another, VC runtime is divided into 32 and 64 bits, which should be installed according to the number of bits in the system. Similarly, many games have this VC runtime in redist or commonredist, and the file name is vcredist_ X86 or vcredist_ x64。 Of course, in order to run the software more conveniently in the future, it is recommended to install VC from 2005 to 2015, so that running any software will not report that msvcp lacks files.

3、 Application parallelism is not configured correctly


This error is usually caused by the lack of VC + + runtime, but which VC runtime library is missing is hard to say, depending on the software.

Temporary solution:For example, QQ now uses the vc2008 runtime. If the vc2008 runtime is not installed, opening QQ will report that the parallel configuration is incorrect. True Three Kingdoms matchless 6 will also report this error, but this thing needs a special runtime, the Japanese version of vc2005 runtime. Not only the vc2005 runtime, but also the vc2005 runtime of Japan is required. I don’t know whether the vc2005 in Japan is more than other vc2005. Other software or game reports parallel errors will have to be specified. If it’s a game, installing vcredist in redist under the game directory will not report an error. If it’s a software, you can only search the Internet for the version of the runtime required by the software, and then install the version of the runtime.

The best solution:If you install vcredist from 2005 to 2015, the VC runtime will be complete, and there will be few such errors. If the runtime of vc2005 to 2015 has been installed and the parallel error is still reported, and if the software does not need any special version of VC library by checking the data, we can only consider other reasons, such as the windows moubles Installer service on the Internet, which is not within the scope of the runtime missing error, and will not be discussed here.

4、 Unable to locate input point


Cause of failure:

There are also times, open the program will report unable to locate the program input point, may be followed by a word or a line of birdsong, and finally in the so and so file. This error is usually caused by the last file. In the final analysis, although the name of the file is the same, the version is not the version required by the software. For example, the input point (…) cannot be located on msvcp80.dll, which means that although the machine has a msvcp80.dll, the specific version in the DLL is not consistent with the version required by the program. Why? Because the same version of VC library, but also divided into many small version number, specific is Sp1 and so on. For example, if a software requires the vc2008 SP1 runtime, the runtime on the computer is vc2008 without sp. at this time, although there are also msvcp90.dll of vc2008 on the computer, the internal version number of this msvcp90.dll is different from that of the msvcp90 of vc2008 Sp1. As a result, an input point error may be reported or the application program described below cannot start normally. This is why sometimes, when msvcp110 is missing, the msvcp110 downloaded from the Internet is put into the directory, which not only fails to solve the error, but also prompts more serious application errors. It is precisely because the internal version numbers of the msvcp110 files downloaded from the Internet are inconsistent.

For example, the PC simulator rpcs3 of PS3, which has been developed for many years but still can’t play any games. If the runtime library is not installed, it will prompt that msvcp120.dll is missing when it is opened. According to the previous information, this software needs the vc2013 runtime. Baidu installed a vc2013, and then opened rpcs3. Exe, but prompted unable to locate the program input point fegetround in the dynamic link library msvcp120. DLL. What’s the matter? Open the vc2013 installation program again, and the description on the interface attracts the attention of “Visual C + + 2013” Is this preview the cause of the input point error? Go to the Internet and find vc2013. There are two versions of vc2013: one is the preview released earlier, the other is the official version. The next official version of vc2013 is installed. Open rpcs3.exe and see the familiar interface.

5、 Application failed to start properly / application initialization failed


Cause of failure:

This kind of error is more complex, but many times, the reason is still the runtime. It may be that the computer lacks a certain version of VC runtime or DirectX redist, or the internal version of the runtime mentioned above is incorrect, or even lacks. Net The framework runtime (starting with the installation program dotnetfx), but the lack of. Net runtime is relatively rare, and most of them appear on the system before windows 7. After Windows 8, the system has brought the. Net runtime version 4.0 or 4.5, so it will not report an error because of the lack of. Net4.0 or 4.5. Even if the application needs the. Net library before 3.5, it will not pop up an error when it is opened Prompt to install. Net Framework 3.5 (both 2.0 and 3.0).


At this time, as long as there is a network, press the next step, windows will automatically download the. Net runtime and install it. If the system before windows 7 received the above error, you can try to install the program led by dotnetfx to eliminate the cause of net runtime. If it is Windows 8 or above, this error will not need to consider the net runtime. Of course, there is a higher version of. Net 4.6, which needs to be manually installed. However, there are too few software that need the 4.6 runtime. At least I haven’t seen it yet. I think it’s possible for those who use Visual Studio 2015 to do programming.

6、 When the Java runtime is missing


It is very simple to determine whether Java runtime (JRE runtime environment) is needed. Only files with jar extension or files whose main program is jar extension can use Java runtime. If the JRE runtime library is not installed, the jar file does not have a teacup icon and cannot be opened. If javaw is entered into the CMD, it will prompt that javaw is not a command. Java programs opened with bat files will flash back directly when you double-click bat.

7、 Absence of other runtimes

In addition to the main runtime libraries mentioned above, there are also some runtime libraries that are not commonly used, such as Microsoft XNA framework, Microsoft Sync Framework, openal, and so on. If they are missing, a small number of software will not run normally. There are also some software that can be compared to the “runtime”, because the lack of these software will lead to the failure of some programs just like the lack of a runtime. For example, Rockstar Games’ social club can’t play gta5 without installing this, and Ubisoft game launcher can’t play genuine Ubisoft games without it, and steam, origin and gfwl are barely “runtime” for some genuine games.


8、 The largest “runtime”

In addition to these run-time libraries, don’t forget that there is the biggest “runtime library”, which is windows, which is running when we open the computer. Windows provides the most basic running environment, drivers and system files for all kinds of software. Running all exe programs can not do without the work of windows, DirectX, VC + +, which are all floating clouds!


In the above contents, we introduced the various situations and solutions of runtime errors in the computer running program failure. Friends with related problems can set and solve them according to the above methods.