Summary of solutions to fake death in win10 1803 Google kernel browser


1. Phenomenon

  • Browsers using Google kernel will fake death from time to time. The phenomenon is that all pictures on the screen are stuck and only the mouse can move.
  • The mouse can click, but the picture does not change due to fake death. In fact, there is operation.
  • After the system hibernates or turns off the display, it wakes up again and returns to normal( Cut off (output signal)
  • When the system operation is high (playing games), the probability of fake death will increase.

2. Reasons

It may be caused by the incompleteness of Jixian, 1803 system and Google kernel. The blogger’s model is Intel UHD graphics 620.

3. Solutions

3.1 update system patch (kb4135051) (recommended)

Download and install patch kb4135051(64&32), the OS version number changed to 17134.5 after patching.
Some systems may not be patched. It is said on the Internet that 17134.1 version must be installed. Mine is the government version of Shenzhou Wangxin, which can also be installed.

3.2 disable hardware acceleration in Google kernel browser (not recommended)

Considering that fake death only occurs when using Google kernel browser, start with the browser.
In general, inexplicable problems are often caused by hardware acceleration, so just turn it off.
After you turn off the browser, some special effects will become stuck, and the CPU consumption will be much higher, so don’t disable it under non special circumstances.
After disabling, you need to restart the browser to take effect.

3.3 change to a browser other than Google kernel (error)

Since you can’t solve the problem, solve the person who raises the problem.

3.4 sleep or turn off the display every time there is a problem (least recommended)

Turning off the display here does not mean turning off the power of the display, but binding a key in windows to turn off the display through the key.

Reference articles

  1. 360 community – temporary solution to browser problems caused by win10 update 1803
  2. Vision Forum – Download kb4135051 (OS build 17134.5) (open fast, slow and release preview channels for online update

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