Summary of main attributes of body tag


Bgcolor = “text color” background = “background picture”

Text = “text color”

Color of hyperlink text

In order to highlight the hyperlink, the hyperlink text usually uses a different color from other text, and a horizontal line is added at the bottom of the hyperlink text.
The hyperlink text of HTML text has default colors, which can also be customized in tags. There are three attributes:
(1) link: the color of the unreached hyperlink
(2) VLink: the color of visited hyperlinks
(3) alink: the color when the mouse clicks the hyperlink
Document edge
By default, the document is displayed at a certain distance from the browser’s border. In the tag, you can customize the distance between the document edge and the window by adding attributes.
Top margin: the size of the top edge of the document
(2) leftmargin: the size of the left edge of the document
(3) rightmargin: the size of the right edge of the document
(4) bottom margin: the size of the bottom edge of the document
Here, the unit of edge size is “pixels.”.

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