Summary of IOS crash file analysis methods


Method one: symbolic crash

1. Find symbolic crash

Different Xcode versions of symbolicatecrash have different directories

find /Applications/ -name symbolicatecrash -type f

2. Create a crash folder

mkdir crash

3. Copy crash file, symbolic crash and dsym to the same directory

4. Export Designer_ Dir environment variable

export DEVELOPER_DIR="/Applications/"

If this line is not executed, the following error may occur


5. Wrong symbols everywhere

./symbolicatecrash your.crash your.dSYM > result.crash

Method 2: xcrun Atos

Take Baidu statistics background as an example

xcrun atos -arch arm64 -o -l 0x104b84000 0x0000000104c0a678

Find app UUID

dwarfdump --uuid

dwarfdump --uuid