Summary of coding range of each character set in regular expression


These character sets are especially helpful when using various words, punctuation and special symbols in the Japanese character set.  
EUC_ JP punctuation and special characters         
EUC_ JP full angle digital
EUC_ JP full width capital English
EUC_ JP full angle small English      
EUC_ JP full width Hiragana
EUC_ JP full width Katakana   [color=Red]2007-03-12   15: 00 update [/ color]
EUC_ JP full angle Chinese character   [color=Red]2007-03-12   15: 06 update [/ color]
GB2312 Chinese characters
GB2312 half angle punctuation marks and special symbols
GB2312 Roman array and item serial number
GB2312 full angle punctuation and letters
GB2312 Japanese Hiragana
GB2312 Japanese katakana
[color=Red]2007-03-12   21:35   Supplementary [/ color]  
Japanese half width space
Sjis full space
Sjis full angle digital
Sjis full width capital English
Sjis full angle small English
Sjis full width Hiragana
Sjis full width hiragana extension
Sjis full width Katakana
Sjis full width Katakana extension
EUC_ JP full space
EUC half width Katakana

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