Summary of Artificial Intelligence/Data Science Competition, April 2019


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Summary of Artificial Intelligence/Data Science Competition, April 2019

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Classification of Normal vs Malignant Cells in B-ALL White Blood Cancer Microscopic Images:ISBI 2019

Now – April 11, 2019 // Host by ISBI 2019 & Grand Challenges & CodaLab // Prize: NaN

Note: Computer assisted tools can provide cost effective and easily deployable solutions for cancer diagnostics. The aim of this challenge is to build a classifier for the identification of leukemic versus normal immature cells for while blood cancer, namely, B-ALL diagnostics. A dataset of cells with class labels, marked by the expert based on the domain knowledge, will be provided at the subject-level to train the classifier. This problem is interesting because the two cell types appear similar under the microscope and subject-level variability plays a key role. Hence, it is challenging to build a classifier that can yield good results on prospective data.

CHAOS – Combined (CT-MR) Healthy Abdominal Organ Segmentation

Now – April 11, 2019 // Host by Grand Challenges & ISBI 2019 // Prize: NaN

Note: In this challenge, you segment the liver in CT data, and segment liver, spleen, and kidneys in MRI data.

Chinese Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia Information Recognition Competition

March 20, 2019 – July 2019 // Host by Xiamen Municipal People’s Government // Prize: NaN

NoteIn order to promote and lead the innovation and development in the field of artificial intelligence, Xiamen Municipal Government, under the guidance of the Central Network Information Office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Public Security, organized the Competition of Chinese Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia Information Recognition Technology. The first large-scale national competition in the field of artificial intelligence.
Contents of the competition: There are three categories of images, audio and video, and 15 contest items, including homologous image retrieval, similar image retrieval, handwritten text optical character recognition (OCR), printed text optical character recognition (OCR), face recognition, specific object recognition, landmark recognition, flag recognition, logo recognition, voiceprint recognition and language and facial features. Key word recognition, variant homologous audio retrieval, variant homologous video retrieval, group behavior recognition and specific behavior recognition. The competition project covers the mainstream application direction in the field of artificial intelligence multimedia information recognition.

IJCAI-19 Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Confrontation Algorithms Competition

March 4-June 10, 2019//Host by Tianchi//Prize: USD 10,000

NoteIJCAI-19 Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Confrontation Algorithms Competition aims at exploring the security of AI models. This competition is mainly aimed at image classification tasks, including model attack and model defense. Competitors can not only act as attackers, but also act as defenders, by constructing a more robust model, to accurately identify the countermeasure samples by slightly perturbing the pictures to generate countermeasure samples.

ZTE Holding Moon “Astronomer” Algorithms Competition

March 15, 2019 – May 22, 2019 // Host by ZTE // Prize: 830,000

NoteZTE AlGORITHM (FANTASTIC ALGORITHM) is a campus competition organized by ZTE Communications for college students around the world.
This algorithmic contest is divided into two rounds: online preliminary contest and offline final contest. Four algorithmic directions (four major schools and seven questions) are set up for contestants to choose freely according to their interests.
Alpha Lexter:Deep Learning Model Optimizing and Accelerating
Dijstera:Network Traffic Balancing and Packet Classification Lattice Processing
The order is:Artificial Intelligence Audio Preprocessing
Fourier School:Wireless Channel Estimation, Radio Frequency Distortion Modeling and Intelligent Scheduling Algorithms

Future Cup College AI Challenge in 2019: Mutual Entertainment-Comic Face Recognition

April 8-June 17, 2019//Host by bedtime FUTURE.AI//Prize: 90,000 RMB

NoteIn the preliminary competition, players need to design models based on given training data to determine whether a given pair of cartoon images and real images are the same person. Please output the predicted results in the order of test set id, so that the platform can verify the results of submission model.

Aerial Cactus Identification

Now – April 23th, 2019 // Host by Kaggle // Prize: NaN

Note: Determine whether an image contains a columnar cactus

IroSvA: Irony Detection in Spanish Variants

10th February – 20th June, 2019 // Host by IberLEF 2019 // Prize: NaN

Note: Welcome to IroSvA (Irony Detection in Spanish Variants) the first shared task fully dedicated to identify the presence of irony in short messages (tweets and news comments) written in Spanish.

International Big Data Analysis Competition IEEE ISI-World Cup 2019

Feb.1st-May.1st 2019//Host by DC Competition & IEEE ISI 2019 & SAIDI//Prize: NaN, Shenzhen Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Based on the full information of 3500 listed companies, this competition describes the attributes and characteristics of the company in financial, legal, equity, operating conditions, public opinion and so on. It designs two tasks, two tasks will be ranked separately. Teams can sign up for one or two tasks.
We provide full size information for over 3,500 listed companies in this competition. Two missions are given, based on the companies’ attributes in terms of finance, legal affairs, equity, business status, public opinion, etc. And they will be ranked separately. One participation team can registrate one mission or two.
Mission 1: Corporate Investment Value Evaluation
Mission 2: Forecasting Company Investment Value Evaluation of Legal Litigation Types

Ciphertext Challenge II

Now – April 25th, 2019 // Host by Kaggle // Prize: Kaggle Swag

Note: Your mission this time: to correctly match each piece of ciphertext with its corresponding piece of plaintext. Daunting! Also, there are some new ciphers in play this time, which will involve some meta-puzzling. Enjoy!

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