Summary of Artificial Intelligence/Data Science Competition 2019.5


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Summary of Artificial Intelligence/Data Science Competition 2019.5

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Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction for Portuguese…

18th March – 24th September, 2019 // Host by IberLEF 2019 // Prize: NaN

Note: The main objective of these tasks is to propose to participants the challenge of applying their systems/solutions to the activities of Named Entity Recognition (NER) and/or Relation Extraction (RE) in Portuguese texts.
Task 1: Named Entity Recognition
Task 2: Relation Extraction for Named Entities
Task 3: General Open Relation Extraction

MEX-A3T: Authorship and aggressiveness analysis in Twitter: case study in Mexican Spanish…

18th March – 24th September, 2019 // Host by IberLEF 2019 // Prize: NaN

Note: The goal of the second edition of MEX-A3T is to further improve the research in these two important NLP tasks as well as to continue pushing the computational treatment of the Mexican Spanish. The [email protected] has the following two tracks:

Sohu Campus Algorithms Competition 2019…

03/20 – 05/22 2019 // Host by Biendata // Prize: ¥75,000

NoteGiven a number of articles, the goal is to judge the core entity of the article and its emotional attitude towards the core entity. Each article identifies up to three core entities and judges their emotional tendencies (positive, neutral and negative) respectively.

Don’t Overfit! II…

Now – May 7th, 2019 // Host by Kaggle // Prize: Kaggle Swag

Note: A Fistful of Samples

Explorer Challenge: A $1million prize pool to find Australia’s next big mineral deposit…

28 Feb – 31 May, 2019 // Host by Unearthed // Prize: $1,000,000

Note: Join a global challenge to test the limits of data science and geology and develop new ideas about mineral exploration. OZ Minerals, a modern mining company, is opening up >2TB of their own private data from their exploration project, Mount Woods. Can you use this data to predict the next mineral deposit in South Australia? The winning models will be tested in real life, the top predictions will be drilled in 2019.

Habitat Challenge 2019

Apr 3 – May 19, 2019 // Host by EvalAI & Habitat Team & CVPR 2019 // Prize: $10k

Note: The objective of Habitat Challenge is to benchmark the state-of-the-art in goal-directed visual navigation around the PointGoal task as defined by Anderson et al. The challenge is built on top of the Habitat stack.

2019 iQIYI Celebrity Video Identification Challenge…

February 28 – July 8, 2019 // Host by IQIYI & AVS Workgroup // Prize: 6,000 US dollars

Note: The goal of the iQIYI-VID-2019 Challenge is as follows: For each identity in the training set, find all the video clips of the same identity in the test set. And the retrieval result list should be ordered according to the similarity between each test clip and the query.

Visual Dialog Challenge 2019…

Jan 29, 2019 – May 11, 2019 // Host by EvalAI & CVPR 2019 // Prize: $10k for Google Cloud Platform

Note: Given an image and a natural language question about the image, the task is to provide an accurate natural language answer.

CARLA Autonomous Driving Challenge…

13 March – May 12, 2019 // Host by EvalAI // Prize: $8,000.00

Note: The CARLA Autonomous Driving challenge encourages the development of state-of-the-art autonomous driving systems to tackle complex traffic scenarios.
Track 1 – LIDAR, GPS and Cameras. All sensors track, for robotics teams that want to leverage the power of sensor fusion.
Track 2 – Cameras and GPS. Only cameras track, for brave ML teams that want to explore driving with cameras.
Track 3 – HD map, waypoints and all sensors. Map-based track, for teams that want to exploit available AD stacks based on HD maps and pre-computed waypoints
Track 4 – Scene layout. A perception-less track, for teams that don’t want to deal with perception and prefer to focus on planning and control aspects.

TASS 2019: Sentiment Analysis Task at SEPLN


March 7 – September 24, 2019 // Host by CodaLab & SEPLN2019 & IberLEF 2019 // Prize: NaN

Note: The first aim of this task is the furtherance of research on sentiment analysis in Spanish with a special interest on the language used in Twitter.

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