Summary of API debugging tools


Summary of API debugging tools


Hello, I’m crazycodes. Today, I’d like to summarize the common API debugging tools in the industry. As we all know, API debugging tools simplify the API debugging process, reuse other frequently used parameters such as header and cookie, and classify countless interfaces for query management.


Summary of API debugging tools

Postman is a powerful web debugging tool client, you can think of, postman almost provides. Postman is compatible with almost all operating systems, and provides a web version, which allows you to work overtime anytime, anywhere, right. Let’s get back to business. Let’s take a look at the control panel of postman
Summary of API debugging tools
The panel is divided into three parts


Summary of API debugging tools

  • Create panel
  • Batch import interface, we can batch import the interface of colleagues
  • Interface batch test
  • Switch workspace, similar to git concept, different workspace (Branch), different work
  • For synchronization, login and other operations, postman has its own cloud storage. Registering an account can synchronize the debugging interface of this machine to the cloud, so that you can work overtime anytime and anywhere. However, free users have a storage limit. Please check the official website for details


Summary of API debugging tools

  • History request, will record all request debugging
  • It is the best practice to improve the work efficiency to classify the interfaces reasonably


Summary of API debugging tools

In the debug content area, we can debug the interface in any way. The request mode supports rest style, put, get, patch, post and so on. We can also set authentication mode, set custom header, set pre script and post script, and set the function of environment variables. We can use our own development, test and production address, Configure different links to realize address reuse

Postman should be the best API debugging tool known to developers. Postman is not only a debugging job, but also equipped with project management, collaborative office and other functions. However, it seems to be charged. You can query it on the official website. I’ve posted the official website address below


Summary of API debugging tools

Swagger is a powerful API document tool. The generated document has debugging function. It can automatically generate the corresponding API document by reading the comments, and it supports exporting the document to other formats. It’s not too good. The official website also specially developed a UI page of the display document, which can be modified freely by the open source course. It has many details and is based on the coding level, I won’t explain it in detail. Interested partners can click the link below

Please refer to GitHub for details

PhpStorm Http Client

Summary of API debugging tools

I’m a php programmer, so I’ll take phpstorm as an example to explain. Of course, all products in JetBrains have this function. Phpstorm provides a dedicated tool for interface debugging. We can find it in the menu Tools > HTTP client. JetBrains provides this interface debugging function specially for programmers, without any interface, Interface debugging depends on the code, but we can maintain the interface document in the simplest way with GIT.

Httpclient debugs by creating the demo. Http file, which is the suffix of the file
Summary of API debugging tools
The above figure is the official demo. You can access the interface by clicking run all requests in file, or you can click the arrow in front of each interface address to debug a single interface. On the whole, it is quite convenient. The explanation of the interface is the same as the normal code annotation

HTTP client also supports importing curl requests directly into HTTP files
Summary of API debugging tools

Of course, environment variables are still supported, and the support mode is controlled by a separate JSON configuration file
Summary of API debugging tools
After clicking, the configuration file will be automatically created in the root directory

 "dev": {
 "url": ""
 "pro": {
 "url": ""

We can call this variable through {{URL}} in the HTTP file. Dev and pro represent different environments respectively. We can select different environments here
Summary of API debugging tools

Generally speaking, it is simple and extensible. Interested partners can try it


Summary of API debugging tools

Apipost is an API debugging tool developed by Chinese people. Its functions are similar to those of postman, but it is all in Chinese, and its use documents are also very detailed

For this sentence, also have to support, strongly recommend!
Summary of API debugging tools
If your English is not very good, you will get many rich functions of postman by using apipost
Summary of API debugging tools
There is no web version, but there are Linux, MAC and windows clients. There are not many companies that make pure tools. Let’s keep them.


Summary of API debugging tools

The function is similar to apipost and postman. They are the same kind of products, but only on the web. Interested partners can click the link below to enter

Look at cloud documents

See cloud is the official website of ThinkPHP document management tools, the document can create API debugging
Summary of API debugging tools

Interested can click the link below to understand


A collaborative project management tool, developed by Alibaba, can create API documents with the document function in the work, and can debug requests. If you are interested, you can click the link below


Tools are always just tools. There is no difference between good and bad. We use them on demand.

Thank you for seeing this. Thank you.

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