Summary of a series of problems in wampserver


Sum up the problems of the previous installation of wampserver integration package.

 windows sever 2008 R2 64,wampserver3.1.4_x64。

During the installation process, you can choose the default browser and editor. These installation steps are simple and step by step.

It’s nice to imagine. I immediately encountered an error report of lack of DLL. OK, since you are lack of this, I’ll find one for you. I downloaded one on the Internet and put it in C: \ windows \ system32. Continue. At the last step of the installation, I reported a running error. At this time, I probably feel that the running environment should be problematic and start to find the answer.

1 .net framework

2 DirectX repair tool

3 vcredist_x64.exe

There is no problem with the above two environments. I used the third one to fix it. Note: every time I run an error, I need to uninstall wampserver and reinstall it