Summary and planning of more than one year (15 months) before the transition of 35 year old programmer


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Hello, I’m aehyok, a Buddhist code farmer who lives in the slums of Shenzhen ♀️, In the last month, it can be said that you can see other people’s year-end summary every day. You can simply write one yourself.


  • 1. The goal set last year: now it is relatively simple and has been completed calmly, but it is still difficult for me when I set the goal last year, which shows that I have grown up in 2021.

  • 2. I’m 88 years old. In fact, my heart is trembling. I’m about to enter the devil’s age of 35, but so what? Continue to learn and live forever.

  • 3. 2021 will soon be a thing of the past, so it is more important to make a good plan for 2022.

Work summary

  • 1. Lead the front-end team to steadily promote the company’s business

  • 2. The PC side project is upgraded and reconstructed from vue2 to vue3, and the Qiankun micro front-end framework is introduced to effectively promote the process of front-end modularization

  • 3. Encapsulate dynamic form form and dynamic table list, and realize 95% page support in PC project, and handwritten code for another 5% of complex pages

  • 4. Formulate front-end project R & D specifications: from variable naming rules to git submission specifications, etc

  • 5. The front-end code is packaged and scripted, which can be done directly from a command line, which is labor-saving and semi-automatic. (corporate collaboration requirements, no need to build fully automated processes)

  • 5. Share technology and redo work with team members

  • 6. Find problems in cooperation with testing, products and back-end, and actively explore better solutions

Personal summary

  • 1. It was only at the beginning of last year that I really came into contact with the Nuggets. The number of articles I liked in a year was equivalent to intensive reading. Many of them were marked with praise to solve the problem at hand


  • 2. The second thing I’m very proud of is the submission on GitHub. I keep submitting when I have time, even if it’s a line of comments or tags


  • 3. Use spare time to get familiar with and learn vue3, set up demo project, and conduct feasibility landing test (then landing in the company’s project)

  • 4. Use your spare time to learn the universe of the micro front end and build a demo (then land it in the company’s project and use it with vue3)

  • 5. Use your spare time to encapsulate dynamic form forms, dynamic table lists, and other common components (and then implement them in company projects)

  • 6, the other is scattered, not enumerated, including PC, app (H5), official account and applet, echarts big screen and leaflet map, but only for cesium.

2022 plan

Postscript to 2022

  • 1. There are just 22 items listed unknowingly, and next year is 2022 (PS: should I plan 23 items in 2023, ha ha). I hope each of these 22 items has made progress and I believe I can complete them

  • 2. Tencent cloud’s server is about to expire. We’re going to get another alicloud. Who’s cheap

  • 3. The ladder is about to expire in January. Remember to renew it

  • 4. The tools for daily recording have changed again, from impression notes to language birds to me, I feel it’s very easy to use. If there’s a need in the back, open a member

  • 5. I thought that there was a small project on GitHub at the end of the year, and I could get 50 stars. Recently, I have been hovering at 40, thinking that I can’t get on. Unexpectedly, it was reached in the end. Take what you need

  • 6. Nuggets should strive to reach level 2 by the end of 2022. It’s not a high requirement and we have to work hard.

  • 7. There is no negative energy, thinking about how to do things in 2022

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