Subway 3D visualization, let everything under control


The Beijing Meteorological Observatory has issued a blue rainstorm warning signal again. If you take the subway during special weather and rush hours, then…you know the Thanos in the Avengers, right? Half of the people will disappear with a snap of your fingers. If Thanos goes to take the subway, After a snap of fingers, so to speak…he's definitely still out of seat. I heard that someone brought a pot of cactus when they squeezed the subway before, but it turned into a cactus in seconds after getting off the subway. I don’t know if this friend with a cactus has pain in his hand. I think the people around him may be in pain… You all take the subway. What weird experiences have you had?
In the current situation where the epidemic situation is still tense, when many things start to be processed on the Internet, the road of visualization is also clearer. Check the geographical location, remotely control the warehouse, remote video control, and automatic temperature and humidity control. This kind of thing that used to be monitored on-site in the past can now be operated by visualization, which combines temperature and humidity, human flow, and 3D models with reality, and collects various monitoring data, temperature and humidity through a series of collectors. Data, the collected data is transmitted to the data gateway through the data bus or sensor, and then transmitted by the gateway to the cloud platform for processing, and finally displayed on the user's large data screen or mobile phone or computer. Data and real scenes are processed into a 3D visualization application that can be monitored and controlled.
Subway 3D visualization, let everything under control
This system uses ThingJS to construct a 3D visualization scene of a subway station, which shows the real scene of a subway station from the front, including the real-time operation of the subway, the situation of the subway going up and down, video surveillance, smoke alarm, elevator operation, etc., which helps intuitively. to know the current subway station.
Three interaction modes are provided:
First-person mode: The operation is similar to the effect of pedestrians walking, and you can control the forward and backward through the keyboard and mouse.
Automatic inspection mode: No operation is required in this mode, and the scene automatically moves forward and backward to inspect the scene of the current subway station.
Mouse operation mode: left-click to rotate the scene, right-click to pan the scene.
Effect preview
Subway 3D visualization, let everything under control
Monitor device interaction
When we click on the monitoring device in the scene, we can view the current device operation, operation data and other information. When you click on the camera in the scene, the top right corner will display the monitoring screen of the current camera. Through video, 3D visualization, etc., the main process of each business is dynamically monitored, the operation status of each business is obtained in real time, and alarms and linkages are made for abnormal situations.
Subway 3D visualization, let everything under control
smoke alarm monitoring
The smoke alarm will change the color of the current smoke alarm model according to the status value transmitted in real time from the background, and red is the alarm state.
Subway 3D visualization, let everything under control
TV train arrival time monitoring
There will be a special TV in the daily subway station to show the timetable of the next subway arrival. This effect is also simulated in the system, but the system is temporarily modeled as a TV.
Subway 3D visualization, let everything under control
Real-time monitoring and management of passenger flow
Connect the entry gate data and video surveillance data to the visualization platform, and through the obtained data, the system can realize timely alarms for crowded places, and link video surveillance for real-time crowd viewing, so as to guide and relieve crowd flow.
Subway 3D visualization, let everything under control
The Internet of Things will collect real-time information of any object or process that needs to be monitored, connected, and interacted through various information sensing devices. The combination with ThingJS can better demonstrate the advantages of visualization. The subway visualization project integrates multi-professional data such as vehicle operation, customer service, emergency command, energy monitoring, equipment and facility monitoring, etc., to provide necessary data support for emergency command, passenger flow diversion, etc., to further improve the quality of subway services and reduce safety risks and impacts. Keep everything in the subway under control.