Sublimetext plug in notes


Sort out the common onesSublimeTextFrequently used development plug-ins, updated irregularly


The Chinese code GBK is converted to utf8, which can be directly searched and installed by CMD + shitf + P


Enhance st sidebar functionnecessaryPlug-in unit


A code format alignment plug-in. The default shortcut key is Ctrl + CMD + A. if you use QQ, it is recommended to change the shortcut key of QQ. Because if I use Ctrl + Alt + A on the windows platform, it is easy to use.

var name = "sublimt"
    var version = "2.0.1"
    var title = "sublime text"
    -----After formatting-----
    var name    = "sublimt"
    var version = "2.0.1"
    var title   = "sublime text"

Function Name Display

Just look at the name. This is a small plug-in that can display the current method function name or method name in the lower left corner of the status bar. You can install it directly

Advanced new file link

When you create a new file or folder, you usually right-click the sidebar. But after installing this plug-in, you can simulate the way of creating files under Linux.
Just use OSXcmd+alt+nYou can open the input box to use under winctrl+alt+n

If there are multiple projects in a sidebar, the direct data project name can be located to this project. Pay attention to case
Sublimetext plug in notes

Ctags [links] ()

Code jump artifact. Because I don’t like the bloated IDE, so this plug-in is also for StnecessaryPlug-in unit

  1. Using CMD + Shift + P to install ctags plug-in
  2. Install ctags program

    1. Http:// download the installation package
    2. Download ctags-5.8.tar.gz and decompress. Compile 3 steps, no introduction
  3. Simply configure sublimetext ctags. The default ctags is installed in/usr/local/bin/ctagsopen
    Sublimetext plug in notes
    Set command to/usr/local/bin/ctags "command": "/usr/local/bin/ctags",
  4. Refer to sublime text configuration under Mac OSX and use ctags to realize code jump

Codeigniter Utilities

Ci framework auxiliary plug-in, which can be directly inputciThen make a selection for quick completion


Function method annotation, which can be configured to customize the annotation to be generated, such as the date when the method can be created and the author name

The plug-in works well after it is installed by default. But after using it for a long time, I found that there are two places that are hard to use.

  • When a line has been commented, press enter again and the comment symbol will be added automatically(//)
  • When a line has been commented, if you pressctrl+enterThen something like this will appear

    // dump($result); //

So add 2 lines of configuration respectively. First, open.Preferences->DocBlockr->Settings-UserAdd the following 2 lines

"Jsdocs? Extend? Double? Slash": false, // corresponds to the first problem
"Jsdocs_decorate": false, // corresponds to the second problem

Bracket highlighter link

Please refer to official documents for specific settings

All autocomplete link

It is more powerful than the self-contained quick completion. It can complete your current input in all open tabs


"show_errors_on_save": true,Change this option totruePrompt error line number when saving
pathsFill in PHP path

"paths": {
            "linux": [],
            "osx": ["/usr/bin"],
            "windows": []


Syncedsidebarbg link

Automatically synchronize sidebar bottom color to edit window bottom color
Just install it directly. For me, for example, a favorite color. If the installed theme doesn’t match the favorite color, this plug-in can putcolor schemeThe color of is synchronized to the sidebar


Synchronize the location of the currently open file in the sidebar

Setting agent

clickPreferences > Package Settings > Package Control > Settings – User, enter the following in the configuration file:

    "http_proxy": "",
    "https_proxy": ""

Laravel Blade Space

Space in curly braces when rendering variables in the blade template

For example, I am in<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
When the cursor is positioned on the href attribute, press{{Can finish{{ }}Operation. Same support{{{Autocomplete to{{{ }}}and{{--Completion is{{-- --}}
If laravel5 is used, input is also supported{!!Autocomplete to{!! !!}}
See the plug-in address for detailsHow it worksExplain