Sublime text2 SVN setting problem


Today, I searched the SVN plug-in of sublime text2. After a long time, I finally found something written on my blog and pointed out the problem. It turned out that the SVN version is too low. The solution is posted here. You can have a look~

In fact, I just used it as a memo!! ha-ha

If you get the following error

svn: This client is too old to work with working copy ‘.’;

please get a newer Subversion client

… or you just want to update your subversion client (command line),
try the following: In Terminal, type “svn –version” to find out what
version you currently have Go to and download the latest
client for OS X and install it. This will install the new svn into
/opt/subversion/bin Got to your terminal and check your $PATH by
typing “echo $PATH”. If you don’t see /opt/subversion/bin in there,
make sure you add it by typing export PATH=/opt/subversion/bin:$PATH.
If it DOES exist and appears AFTER /usr/bin, then you may need to
remove an older copy of svn that came installed on OS X. To do so, go
to /usr/bin and remove all files starting with svn. This isn’t an
exact science but it should do the trick. To be able to call the
Subversion commands from every directory, you must add it to your path
in the “.profile” or .bash_profile. If you don’t know what that means,
don’t worry. Just follow the instructions. Open the Terminal
application. It can be found in the /Applications/Utilities folder.
Whenever you see below a line starting with a dollar sign, you should
type the text after the dollar sign in your terminal and hit return.
Start by creating a new text file called ‘.bash_profile’ in “~/”
directory, i.e. with the command line text editor pico: $ handy
.profile Add the following line to the .profile file: export
PATH=/opt/subversion/bin/:$PATH Now hit Control-X, then confirm saving
the file with ‘y’, followed by return. You have just added
Subversions’s location to your path. Let Terminal read this file to
know the path has changed (there’s an empty space between the dots): $
. .profile or . ./.profile* (Step 4 referent from: Type “svn
–version”. You should see that you have the newest version installed! NOTE: If /opt/subversion/bin already exists, it will be backed up to
/opt/subversion_backup.MMDDYYHHMMSSS. See the readme for more
for a great explanation of this Quote from :

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