Sublime text2 organize with shortcut keys (non MAC)


Sublime text2 is a very awesome and sexy code editor. It has always been my favorite editor.

The main functions of sublime text include: spell checking, bookmarking, complete Python API, goto function, real-time project switching, multi selection, multi window and so on.

It has a beautiful user interface and extraordinary functions, such as mini map, multi-choice, python plug-ins, code snippets, and so on. Fully customizable key bindings, menus and toolbars. No more nonsense. Please check its official website for details:

Lucifr translated the Mac version of the sublime text2 shortcut. According to its translation, I sorted out a copy of the main shortcut keys for windows:

Open / go to:

Ctrl+P Goto Anything

Ctrl+R Goto method

CTRL + Shift + P command prompt

CTRL + G go to a line

CTRL + K + B switch sidebar

CTRL + ` Python console

CTRL + n new window

CTRL + Shift + ↑ interchanges with uplink

CTRL + Shift + ↓ interchange with downlink


CTRL + L select the entire row (press and hold – continue to select the next row)

CTRL + D word selection (press and hold – continue to select the next same string)

CTRL + Shift + D copy the whole line where the cursor is located and insert it before the line

CTRL + Shift + K delete entire row

CTRL + KK delete from cursor to end of line

CTRL + K + backspace delete from cursor to beginning of line

CTRL + J merge (multiple) rows (when multiple rows to be merged have been selected)

CTRL + Ku to uppercase

Change Ctrl + KL to lowercase

CTRL + / comment (if the content has been selected, it is the same as the “Ctrl + Shift + /” effect)

CTRL + Shift / block comment (comment selected)

CTRL + y undo

Tab indent autocomplete

Shift + Tab remove indent

CTRL + enter insert row after cursor

CTRL + Shift + enter inserts a row before the row where the cursor is located

Alt +. Close current label

CTRL + Shift + a select parent label pair at cursor position

CTRL + Shift + [collapse code

CTRL + Shift +] expand code

Split windows / tabs – this is cool:

Alt + Shift + 1 single column

Alt + Shift + 2 double column

Alt + Shift + 5 grid (4 groups)

CTRL + [1,2,3,4] move focus to corresponding group

CTRL + Shift + [1,2,3,4] move the current file to the corresponding group

Alt + [1,2,3…] select the corresponding tab


CTRL + F2 set / clear bookmarks

F2 next bookmark

Shift + F2 previous bookmark

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