Sublime text2 how to annotate code


If you want to add comments in sublime text2, how do you add them? If you want to touch our door, take a look at the tutorial of sublime annotation code.

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Sublime text 3 v3.2.2 build 3211 code editor
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2020-02-11Download now

1. The current summary edit the code, then need to be doneAdd comments to the code,

2. Need to comment the code, select the line of code.

3. After the code is selected, click in the menu“editOptions for.

4. After selecting Edit, pop up the drop-down menu to select as“notes”Menu.

5. Pop up the next level menu summary, select as“Turn comments on and off”Options for.

6. In this way, the selected code is addedAnnotation settings

The above is the sublime code to add comments tutorial, I hope you like it, please continue to pay attention to developer.

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