Sublime text 3 file path does not prompt how to set it?


When you first start using sublime text 3, you may find that when you write the src path to an img, there is no prompt, and you have to manually go to the local folder to find the file. In fact, sublime text 3 is a very powerful editor, but many of its functions need to add plug-ins to improve. Include this file path. The following small series briefly introduces how to make img src have a file path prompt.

Sublime text 3 file path does not prompt how to set it?

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check the details

1. Open the sublime text 3 editor, start writing code, and you will find that writingimg srcwhen there is no intellisense. At this point we need to install the plugin.

2. Click on the menu "preferences”——“package control”;

3. In the drop-down box that pops up, select "install package",as the picture shows;

4. After a few seconds, in the new drop-down box that pops up, enter "autofilename”,The drop-down box will automatically update the list. Click on the list item"autofilename”to install.

5. After installation, we can view "autofilename”The plugin has been installed successfully. Click the menu"preferences”——“package setting",can be seen"autofilename”The plugin has been installed into the editor;

6. Return to the code area and enter againimg src=‘’,A prompt will appear.

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