Sublime text 2 shortcut


Sublime Text 2 – Useful Shortcuts

The following is taken from the Internet:
CTRL + D word selection (press the shortcut key repeatedly to continue down and select the next same text for simultaneous editing)
CTRL + G jump to the corresponding line
CTRL + J merge parallel (when multiple rows to be merged have been selected)
CTRL + L select the entire row (press and hold – continue to select the next row)
CTRL + m move the cursor to the beginning or end of the bracket
CTRL + T word interchange
CTRL + U soft undo
CTRL + P find files in the current project and quick search; Enter @ to find the main title / function of the file; Or enter: jump to a line of the file;
CTRL + R quick list / jump to a function
CTRL + K backspace deletes the backspace from the cursor to the beginning of the line
CTRL + KB on / off sidebar
CTRL + KK delete from cursor to end of line
CTRL + KT collapse attributes
CTRL + Ku to uppercase
Change Ctrl + KL to lowercase
CTRL + K0 expand all
CTRL + enter after inserting a line (quick wrap)
CTRL + Tab tab tab in the current window
CTRL + X delete current row
CTRL + Z undo
CTRL + y undo
CTRL + F2 set bookmark
CTRL + / comment the whole line (if the content has been selected, the same as the “Ctrl + Shift + /” effect)
CTRL + left mouse button can select multiple text to edit at the same time
CTRL + pagedown and Ctrl + pageup files are switched in the order before and after opening

CTRL + Shift + a select parent label pair at cursor position
CTRL + Shift + D copy the whole line where the cursor is located and insert it before the line
CTRL + Shift + F searches in a folder. Unlike the normal editor, sublime allows you to add multiple folders to search
CTRL + Shift + K delete entire row
CTRL + Shift + L select multiple rows with the mouse (press the shortcut key) to edit these rows at the same time
CTRL + Shift + m select the contents in parentheses (press and hold – continue to select parent parentheses)
CTRL + Shift + P opens the command panel
CTRL + Shift + / comment selected
CTRL + Shift + ↑ this line of code can be moved and interchanged with the uplink
CTRL + Shift + ↓ this line of code can be moved and interchanged with the downlink
CTRL + Shift + [collapse code
CTRL + Shift +] expand code
CTRL + Shift + enter insert row before cursor

Shift + right mouse button (or middle mouse button) enables vertical multiline selection with the mouse
Shift + F2 previous bookmark
Shift + Tab remove indent
Alt + Shift + 1 ~ 9 (non keypad) the screen displays a small window with equal numbers
Alt +. Close current label
Alt + F3 select the text and press the shortcut key to select all the same text at one time for editing at the same time

Tab indent autocomplete
F2 next bookmark
F6 detect syntax errors
F9 row sorting (by A-Z)
F11 full screen mode

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