Structure design of “workflow” and “to do”


In the approval business system, it is usually based on “workflow” to remind users with “to-do”.
In the design structure, both are based on the “form” to achieve.


1、 Definition of form

  The definition of form mainly involves two aspects.

(1) Business table: represents business data. Business table is the place to store business data. A business table represents a kind of business data.

(2) Forms: represents the operation of changing business data. A business table can correspond to multiple forms.


2、 Workflow and to do


1. Workflow definition

The definition of workflow mainly includes:

(1) Workflow: it mainly represents the order of “operation”. It is used to dynamically define the operation sequence and the number of operations for “business data”.

(2) Node: represents a business operation, which mainly defines the form operation permission.

(3) Reference to form: specific business operations are implemented on the form.

2. To do list

To do items are generated by workflow nodes.

To do items mainly include “permission” and “form” information, namely “whose to do” and “what operation”.


3、 Conclusion

This paper mainly records the relationship among form, workflow and to-do, so as to apply and understand in program structure design.