“Strike! Blazor!” Chapter 1. Getting to know blazor


Author introduction

Chen Chaochao
Ant Design Blazer project contributor
With more than ten years of working experience, he has been engaged in architecture and product development based on. Net technology stack for a long time. He is a contributor to ant design blazor project and now works in Chint Group

The first time I wrote a column, I didn’t know what to say at the beginning, so… Let’s start with an advertisement
“Attack! Blazor!” is a series of videos about blazor zero basics, which I cooperated with Mr. Zhang Shanyou. This series can enable a programmer who has never been in contact with blazor to master the ability to develop blazor applications.
Video address: https://space.bilibili.com/48…
This series of articles is based on the live content of attack! Blazor!, upgrade. Net5, improve problems and explain more comprehensively.

Catalogue of series articles

Chapter 1 first time out of the Jianghu – todo application development practice
First met blazor
Hello Blazor
Page making
Data interaction
Component development

The second chapter is the actual development of enterprise organizational performance data management platform
Project framework construction
Indicator maintenance: add, delete, modify and query
Organization maintenance: tree
Data collection: Custom tables
Indicator analysis: Chart
Account and authority
Site deployment