Storage module head manufacturer Jiahe Jinwei joins the Dragon Lizard community


Recently, Shenzhen Jiahe Jinwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiahe Jinwei”) signed a CLA (Contributor License Agreement, Contributor License Agreement) and officially joined the OpenAnolis community.

Founded in 2012, Jiahe Jinwei has become the largest full-chain memory product OEM in China by virtue of strict testing standards, a complete production system, and diversified storage product solutions. The main products include GLOWAY, Asgard, and SINKER. It is a high-end memory chip testing company and chip testing system solution provider in China.

Zhang Zhe, vice president of Jiahe Jinwei, said: “As a high-end memory chip testing company in China and one of the few chip testing system solutions providers in China, Jiahe Jinwei has been investing in the storage field for a long time and actively promoting domestic storage. After years of development While accumulating project experience and precipitating technical level, we have also trained a group of professional technical engineers. Jiahe Jinwei joined the Dragon Lizard community with a positive and open attitude, hoping to take this opportunity to give full play to Jiahe Jinwei’s technical experience and talent advantages, work with community partners to promote the construction of open source communities, and serve the digital and intelligent economy.”

Li Peiyuan, director of Longli Community, said: “Jiahe Jinwei has a strong R&D team and advanced production technology in the semiconductor storage industry. The core competitive advantage in the industry chain continues to provide customers with products and first-class services that exceed expectations. I believe that Jiahe Jinwei can join hands with the Longli community to create a better hardware ecology, allowing each other’s products to be deeply adapted. In terms of chips Build a better open source ecosystem.”

Up to now, more than 200 companies have signed the CLA agreement to join the Dragon Lizard community, including security vendors Geersoft, Haitai Fangyuan, database vendors Nanda General, Jushan Database, middleware vendors Dongfangtong, Zhongchuang Middleware, Baolan Germany, etc., welcome more companies to join.

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