Sto process of return between affiliated companies of “SAP Technology” a project


[SAP Technology] project a inter company return sto process


1) Create inter company return sto document.

Inter company return sto 4500000572 as shown below,



2) , vl10b, create delivery order.

As shown in the figure below, delivery No.: 80044918,



3) , vl02n, perform PGI on delivery order 80044918 (actually receipt and stock in). The voucher flow is as follows:



This step needs to be done first, and then the subsequent operation of ‘receiving’ can be performed on the delivery document (actually, return issue).

4) , Migo performs receiving.

Input the outbound delivery order No. 80044918 and the movement type 101. After returning, the system copies the movement type 161 from the item in the outbound delivery order to the Migo interface.

Note: in the Migo interface, after entering the delivery order number, the mobile type should be 101, not 161, otherwise an error will be reported.

Material voucher No. 5000135013 / 2019 triggered after Migo posting,



The material voucher number is updated in the voucher flow of delivery note 80044918, as shown in the following figure:



It will also be updated in the purchase order history,



Of course, the last step of Migo 161 posting can also be done directly by referring to the return purchase order number. At this time, however, there is no link between the subsequent material voucher number and the delivery order document.

July 31, 2019 in Suzhou.