Stimulsoft reports how to create new data transformations and edit data transformations


Stimulsoft reports. Net is a report generator based on. Net framework, which can help you create structured and functional reports. Stimulreport. Net’s report designer is not only user-friendly, but also easy to use, allowing you to easily create all reports; The report designer can be used during report design and report running. The report designer using stimulreport. Net at runtime does not need to pay any patent fees.

The created report can be used in both Windows Forms applications and ASP. Net applications. It can export a variety of data formats, such as PDF, XML, HTML, word, Excel, RTF format, text file, CSV, BMP and JPEG format, GIF, PNG, TIFF format, etc.
Create a new data transformation;
Edit data conversion;
Create a new data transformation

Step 1: run report designer;

Step 2: go to the data dictionary;

Step 3: connect data;

Step 4: click new project, and then select new data conversion command;


Step 5: drag the data column from the source to the data transformation editor.


When you add data columns from various sources for data relationships, you must set up relationships between these sources. Like, the relationship ” can be set

Step 6: set the data column – change the type of value, group the data, apply the function to the value, filter, sort the data, replace the value, calculate the total running amount, display the percentage of the value, skip and set the row limit.


Step 7: click OK in the new data transformation window.

Now, based on this data transformation, you can create reports or dashboards.

Edit data conversion

In addition, you can edit the created data transformation.

Step 1: select the existing game data conversion in the report dictionary;

Step 2: click edit on the data dictionary toolbar;


Step 3: edit data conversion;

Step 4: click OK in the edit data conversion window.