Still worrying about algorithms? So you haven’t read this note of 70K stars on GIT


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Still worrying about algorithms? So you haven't read this note of 70K stars on GIT


About leetcode

As this book is based on the notes of leetcode, the following is a brief introduction

When it comes to leetcode, as a programmer, it should be familiar. In recent years, it has been mentioned in interviews. Programmers at home and abroad use it to brush questions mainly for interviews. According to historical records, this website was founded in 2011, and it will soon be its 10th birthday. Weekly, biweekly and monthly competitions are held every week. Coding in a limited time can really test people’s algorithm ability. In addition to prizes, some big companies can also get the opportunity to push directly.

Still worrying about algorithms? So you haven't read this note of 70K stars on GIT

This author is also a senior problem brush of leetcode. I would like to share with you some experience and solutions. I want to make friends with people who have the same hobbies and study together. For myself, writing the solution is also an improvement. If you tell a profound topic to someone who has no clue at all, you can make him understand it completely and train his ability of expression. In the course of explanation, you may encounter some questions from the listeners, which may be your own knowledge loopholes and force yourself to make up for them. The author has done the related sharing in the company, and felt deeply, and both sides benefited well.

Still worrying about algorithms? So you haven't read this note of 70K stars on GIT

About the explanation:

The author suggests to use it like this: first read the question by yourself and think about how to solve it. If there is no idea in 15 minutes, first look at the author’s solution, but don’t look at the code. I will use the code to realize it. If you can’t write at all, it depends on the code provided by the author. Find out where you can’t write, find out the problems and write them down. This is the knowledge loophole you want to make up. If you implement it yourself and make mistakes after submitting it, debug it yourself first. After AC has not reached 100%, we should think about how to optimize it by ourselves. If each question can be optimized to 100%, then it will make great progress after a period of time. So in general, there is no idea, look at the problem-solving ideas; it is less than 100% optimization, look at the code.

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Still worrying about algorithms? So you haven't read this note of 70K stars on GIT

Algorithm stir fry:

This algorithm sketch aims to help readers sort out the algorithm routines and framework, and help the interview. This document has 666 pages, Geely bar;

Still worrying about algorithms? So you haven't read this note of 70K stars on GIT

Different from ordinary algorithm books

This note is all about common data structures. I’m not an algorithmic competitor. I’m born in the wild. I can only solve conventional problems. In addition, the following is a summary of my personal experience. No algorithm book can write these things, so please try to understand my point of view and don’t worry about details, because this note is to establish a framework understanding of data structure and algorithm.

Frame thinking from the whole to the details, from the top to the bottom, from the abstract to the concrete is universal. It is efficient not only to learn data structures and algorithms, but also to learn any other knowledge.

How to get this high quality information?

Fast start channel: point after praise + attention, pay attention to the official account [Java fight] reply keyword “666” can be obtained! Get 100%!!! The name of this document is: algorithm sketch;

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Your support is my motivation. I wish you a bright future and continuous offers!!!

Still worrying about algorithms? So you haven't read this note of 70K stars on GIT

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